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Do your singing lessons translate well into Korean?

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My name is Jonathan and I found your website via YouTube.

My question pertains to the techniques taught in the DVD series now available for purchase.

Some of the subject matter revolves around vowel and consonant sounds, and I am wondering if it will be helpful to me because I practice singing Korean songs.
The Korean language shares some similar vowel and consonant sounds with the English language, but as you might have guessed, it does not share every sound and there are even some sounds that the English language does not technically have.
So, my question is, does the instruction only apply to the English language?
Or, can it be put to use for Korean songs as well?
Hi Jonathan,
Those are good questions!
We have many many students from Korea.  (in fact one student named Nimal flies to our studio to do all his vocal recording from Korea)  The program definitely applies.
Before we talk about vowel sounds, the first most important thing is correct support. Very few people understand how to do this correctly but it is critical for good singing.  It is utmost important to understand this concept goes before vowel sounds. So no matter what language you speak, this is only a physical attribute.
The second most important thing is the vowel sound of “ah” vowel. You will see in the series why this is so important in keeping the back of the throat open no matter what your language is..
I hope that helps.