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How do I sing really, REALLY high?

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Question from YouTube

How do i sing really high? and what i mean is theres bands i listen to like Asking alexandria and they sing so high pitched i wanna sing like that how do i do that?

Ken Tamplin:

That’s like asking someone how do I run fast. Do you run at all and if so do you have long legs for running or short skinny stubby legs? Yes, even small dogs can run very fast but the way they get there is entirely different. and it is a process not something you wave a magic wand over and ta da!!!

Follow up question:

Well i know you dont wave a magic wand its just ive been told that the way they sing are called power falcetos sorry i dont know how to spell that word but anyways power falcetos and they say thats how they get that tone and i know that you push from your diaphram. In my school choir im a bass so i wanna try something new and if i ever join a band i want that kind of range is there any techniques or pointers you could possibly give?


Ken Tamplin:

Only switching from lower chest up into belting falsetto will actually not grow the mid voice. It is important to grow the mid voice first before learning to belt falsetto.