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Ken, do you teach stamina to famous people?

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Hi Ken, I represent two world famous pop stars – do you teach voice stamina? Do you teach other famous people? If I send you my clients, can you be discreet about it, they don’t necessarily want people to know that they are taking lessons?

Ken Tamplin:

Yes I most definitely teach stamina.

This is one of the biggest problems facing singers today and maybe the least understood.

When people think of stamina, they think of the athlete pouring in sweat, powering his or her way through their sport or competition until they defeat their opponent. This is not the way we sing. On the one hand, what many people don’t see about that athlete were the countless hours of training to do things to make it the easiest most concise possible way with maxim benefit to help them achieve their goals without straining. This part is true for singing. We prepare the correct muscle structure to remove tension and make singing (with stamina) easy so we don’t tense up and literally “choke off” the vocal chords to reach those hard to reach notes.

But we don’t force our way and push ourselves to the point of exhaustion like the athlete in this same sense. We create “safety valves” and ways to remove tension which is quite different from the athlete.

There is a very specific way to do this and that is one of many things we teach at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

And yes I teach many famous people but most all of them do not want the world knowing they are going to see the Doctor (so to speak) so I must protect their privacy concerns.