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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Hits YouTube Milestone

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One of the goals of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is to provide a wide array of helpful resources to amateur singers—resources that can help them hone their craft and reach professional skill and status. The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy YouTube channel is just one example of this—and now, that resource has reached an important new milestone.

Celebrating 200,000 Subscribers

Tamplin himself has announced that the YouTube channel has surpassed the 200,000 subscriber threshold—a major mile marker and a tremendous accomplishment, with over 30,000,000 total views.

“We really want to thank everyone who has subscribed, everyone who has watched our videos, and everyone who has shared them with their friends,” Tamplin comments. “We’re proud and grateful to reach this milestone, and hope that our channel can continue to inspire and help people.”

Resources for Singers

And that’s exactly how the YouTube account has come to be so successful: It has provided amateur singers, as well as advanced professionals, with practical ways to improve their skillsets, while also encouraging them with proof that Tamplin’s methods really work.

Many of the videos found on the channel include vocal tips and techniques demonstrated by Tamplin himself—free resources for anyone looking to take their vocal ability from amateur to professional status. These resources aren’t a substitute for the How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else program, available through Tamplin’s website, but they can be extremely informative and helpful to improve singing techniques.

Additionally, the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy YouTube page includes performances from Tamplin and many of his students—all in keeping with Tamplin’s claim that “the proof is in the singing.”

Learn to Be a Better Singer

There are other resources available through Tamplin, as well—including plenty of content on various Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy social media profiles, the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy SoundCloud page, and beyond.

“My hope is that anyone who has ever dreamed of being a professional singer will see our content and realize that yes, they really can attain that dream,” Tamplin concludes.