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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – Where The Proof Is In The Singing

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At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, the mission has always been pretty simple—specifically, to help amateur singers reach a professional level, not just in terms of their skill but in terms of their status. There are a number of unique coaching tools that are used in pursuit of this goal, none more important than the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy’s central curriculum, How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else. The question that many aspiring singers might ask is, how do we know that any of this works? Does the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy actually get results—and if so, how can those results be demonstrated?

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Results

“For me to claim that I can help other people become professional-status singers, I’d better have achieved professional singing status myself,” notes Tamplin, who has himself been an in-demand vocal coach and recording artist for several decades now. “Also, I had better have students who have gone from amateur to professional standing as well—and I do!”

Gabriela Gunčíková

Indeed, many of the amateur singers who come to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy not only develop serious chops, but also develop serious status as singers, many of them recording albums, touring, and beyond. Some of their stories can be found on the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy website, and their singing skills are on full display at the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy SoundCloud page and on the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy YouTube channel.

As Tamplin himself likes to say, the proof is in the singing—and once you hear what some of his students can do, the efficacy of the Ken Tamplin Vocal program becomes quite clear.

Becoming a Professional-Status Singer

“Being a professional singer means having the strength and stamina to go out on stage every night and deliver a consistently great performance,” Tamplin comments. “That’s the result students can expect when they complete the How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else program.”

Those who wish to learn more about the results Tamplin’s students get—not just their vocal quality, but their range, their consistency, and their power—can visit any of the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy social media channels. Additionally, those who wish to explore the How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else course for themselves can find more information on Tamplin’s website, or simply order the DVDs today.

At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, students can expect to develop professional skill and professional status. Learn more today!