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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Review from Cincinnati

Learn How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else

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We get a LOT of unsolicited reviews and testimonials from KTVA vocalists all over the world.  This great story was posted in our Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Forum by Marie who was looking for singing lessons in Cincinnati.  It touches on the main purpose of KTVA, which is to really teach you how to sing great even if you didn’t think you could!

We hope this inspires you to sing!


I just want to introduce myself on here!  I found out about Ken and his program through YouTube.  Before this program I really NEVER thought I would be able to sing well at all.  Its quite a depressing subject thinking about how far I have come from then, but anyhow, through Ken’s videos I learned how passionate someone could actually be about growing the voice, and not about money.

I could DEFINITELY tell through his numerous videos that he was the most caring man and he would be perfect for my journey as a singer/musician.  This all started in the middle of November when I was still 20 that I was going to finally give this and my voice a try.  I bought KTVA’s volume 1 alone first and I couldn’t believe first of all, how many things I had been missing; how much you could actually grow the voice.

I practiced it for about a month until I finally got the whole singing course for Christmas!!  I was super psyched.  I could tell through the first volume my voice had grown and I was able to make a brighter sound and my pitch was better.  I haven’t ever to this day looked at Volume 3 but I am very eager.  For now my college has started back up and is keeping me pretty busy; which is very upsetting because i formed a definite family here through my break.

So to shorten this a bit, I can only do the warm ups on the weekends; and have been doing volume 1 and 2 interchanging… AND WOW, I cannot begin to tell you the transformation in my voice since I have started both. My sounds are ridiculously bright and LOUD especially after I practice.

So saying this; Ken has not only changed my voice for the better but also my confidence;  I’m not a sports person or anything, and I needed to find a perfect niche to where I could grow and develop at a good pace and here it is!!

The people in this program are exactly what I have been looking for!  KTVA is amazing, I have yet to get a webcam lesson or in studio and I just cannot wait to see what the future brings for all of us here!

Sorry if this was a bit long but it’s worth the read because this is the best singing program!!!!

Please feel free to talk to me whenever !

– Marie, Cincinnati