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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Review from Oregon

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If you are in the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy forum, makes sure to say hello to Bob Hohenberger, he has become one of the pillars within our vocalist community. Bob signed up for Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and recently posted this as his testimonial.

Name : Bob
Age : 61
Gender : Male
Home : Eugene, Oregon, USA
Born: Fort Polk, Louisiana
Raised: Norman, Oklahoma
Worked: Oklahoma City
Houston, TX
San Jose, CA
Eugene, OR

Vocal Experience: Been playing in bands since about 1964. Signed to Mercury Records in 1970. Did not become a star. Worked on the road as a struggling musician for years. Bands broke up, had to survive, went to day job mode. Kept playing as well. Made a Christian Album with Jimmy Hotz in Houston in 1978, released in 1980 “Beyond the Crystal Sea”. Recorded/produced local Christian CD in Oregon in 1995 with His Witness Band, also produced other local Christian artists’ CD’s… Now playing in secular Rock/Variety dance band, working full-time-plus day job and playing/singing two or three nights a week. I’m a singing drummer, and quite Rock Solid on the drums. Day job is about to evaporate, as I’ve worked for the US** for about 28+ years now, and they are getting ready in the next couple of months to “Right-Size” to the tune of about 250,000 jobs… The good news is I’m old enough to retire… the bad news is that I’m old enough to retire…

Preferred Genre: If it’s GOOD, I like it! My favorites of all time are the Beatles. I like the Eagles, Clapton, yada, yada… Anything with amazing vocals captures my attention. I sat in the front row in a basketball gymnasium right in front of Jimi Hendrix’s microphone at a Jimi Hendrix Experience concert at the OU Field House in Norman, Oklahoma. We sat on the floor, and he was on a riser that was only about a foot off the floor. I was looking right up, directly at him the whole concert.

Favorite Vocalist/Instructor: Ken Tamplin ;^)
I work out on vocals most every day. Once a week I run in the hills about 6 miles to ensure my diaphragmatic engine (including the intercostals, abdominals, and every cell in my body) is ready to perform. Monday is Runday. I have a pretty broad vocal range from very low to very high, but work out the most in the mid to upper midrange, because the money notes are where it’s at. I have a keen ear for pitch, and a natural gift for how to sing harmony. I don’t know why, I just do.
I always just did background vocals with the exception of a little squawking in the past. About 10 years ago I decided that I wanted to become a lead vocalist, and improve my overall vocal capabilities. I’ve done more research on the internet than you would care to know about on the voice, the larynx, the diaphragm, classical singing, etc, etc,…

One by one, I have tried just about every vocal method offered on the internet out there. When I stop and think about it, I’ve spent a lot of money over that period of time. For the most part, I learned SOMETHING from just about every one of them, but not much from any one of them. Some of them I learned that I just got totally ripped off….

KTVA has been a different experience for me. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. I just don’t know why I waited so long. Where I learned one or two things from each of the other methods or programs I tried, it was all very slow going…

With KTVA, it’s the High Octane, Premium Grade Ethyl blend, enriched with Techrolene…. In other words, my progress has been ongoing over the entire spectrum of the voice. Instead of just coming out of the experience saying “Well at least I learned SOMETHING for my money…” I keep going past more milestones in improvement as time goes by. Tone, range, stamina…. exactly like I wanted. I didn’t say it’s been easy… You will receive from this training in direct proportion to the effort, time, and concentration you put into it. Like running in the hills… Don’t think that was easy when I first started, but hey, I’ll bet that my diaphragm can beat up your diaphragm ;^)

Good Singing to you all, and nice to meet you.