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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Reviews

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I just bought the stage three, this man is a genius i cant thank him enough within two days my vocals have improved unbelievably thanks so much ken u truly made me confident to sing anywhere i go.


I have been dabbling with singing for almost 30 years, sang in bars for 3 years before I became a christian. I sing in church frequently, but I always had serious support and stamina problems. I purchased the first KTVA DVD almost 3 weeks ago and have been practicing daily. Within 10 days time I had stability in my voice I have never had before and 2 days ago I was nailing the high not in Beautiful, Beautiful consistantly with power, no sweat, and I’m a dude. My friends were shocked. Thanks Ken!


Seriously  Mr. Tamplin or Ken lol. You are truly an inspiration for the vocalist! Thanks for your videos and your superb direction 🙂 Wish I lived nearby to maybe collaborate with you.