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Ken Tamplin Vocal Method Review

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Athanasios Karapanos
Dear Ken,

In my 15 years of “singing” I haven’t come across a more comprehensive method – in fact it’s the 1st time that as a foreign speaker I understand vowel modification and as a singer/listener felt confident you have the experience AND the voice to teach.

As my vocal problems range from the inability to sing “ees” through the passagio area to having an unstable head voice (an instability I cover with vibrato),
I have decided to make a clean sweep and follow each part of your DVDs religiously, doing the full set of exercises every morning.
For this reason, I would like to ask you if approaching the head voice with a low volume is actually
the way to strengthen the passagio area and if yes how long is a reasonable time – I am willing to spend months if that’s what it takes.