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Bel Canto Tone and Variation – Learn It Here

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i was just wondering if there are any subtle nuances, tone tweaks or vowel variations associated with learning Bel Canto style. i know most styles have certain trends that hey use in singing, such as the more traditional operatic styles are trained in very rounded, warm, full, beautifully darkened vowel sounds (particularly in the male tessitura) and pop styles like hip hop or rap involve lots of harsh, bright, vocal staccato sounding noises. But are there any particular trends (especially in tone and vowel variation) that are common in Bel Canto, and if so could someone give me an example of a modern traditionally trained Bel Canto singer so i can check them out?

Thanks 🙂

Ken Tamplin:

Yes, much of what I teach is an advanced form of Bel Canto. But instead of “covering” the vowel sounds like traditional Bel Canto, we use a similar technique but open the face into mask (like smiling when we sing) and soften consonant sounds. This requires a different approach to the vowel modifications taught in Bel Canto which I cover in our How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else singing course.