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Meet Jackson Cook

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Up and coming rocker Jackson Cook has been a longtime friend of KTVA, this 18 year old Vancouver native descended upon Southern California and is now breaking onto the scene. Jackson has been writing great songs since he was 12, but his song material was more mature and advanced than his voice, which needed time to “break” – Jackson started out with the How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Gold Bundle and has since then taken a number of online singing lessons and in-studio training sessions.

Enter a couple years of non-stop performing and a vocal coach that takes no prisoners, and Jackson is now singing the way he is supposed to.

Jackson’s singing voice is now in such good shape that he can sing for hours on end without going hoarse. In fact, during a recent recording session with Ken Tamplin, Jackson was singing better 8 hours into the session than he was at the beginning. Jackson also has a good talent for singing and playing guitar at the same time.

Jackson Cook has a great future ahead of him as a professional musician and we’re glad he’s part of the KTVA family.

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