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Questions About Chest Range

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I have a chest range starting at E2 thru B4….beyond B4, my voice breaks into head voice or falsetto and my range extend in this voice to B5. my falsetto voice can go as low as A3, so there is an overlap of head/chest voice. my question is whether a person can extend their chest voice as far as their head voice, as some methods claim, or is this an unrealistic goal? and in addition, can a person extend their head voice also? thanks

@flobtheblob That is precisely what I teach. Connecting chect with head into one long powerful chest note. I demonstrate this with my own voice

just wanted to ask a couple of questions how do i sing with vibrato like for example like beyonce and how do i sing high notes im only 13?

@MauriciaBloodRain Real vibrato is more of a function of relieving tennsion in the throat. To start to learn vibrato, you can jog between two notes slowly to get the hang of it (for example A & A#) and then gradually build up speed. Real vibrato is a mechanism that helps relive tension when holding a note when done correctly. It is also part of reasonance.

I was getting sick of listening to you (no offence) and it wasn’t loading fast enough so Im going to ask you something….
How do you make your singing stronger?

@SophieGal09 I have DVD series at my KenTamplinVocalAcademy. Com site that will help you grow your voice like mad. It’s a process of first understanding support, open throat vowel sounds, using the correct amount of air when you sing and various pitch exercises to help you grow your voice…