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Questions About Singing Lessons

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We get a lot of great questions about how to sing better in our KTVA forum for vocalists.  We’re going to post some Q&A for you, hope you find this helpful.

Question from Brendan:

I know water is best, but i drink a lot of various teas like from different herbs and i’ve also heard lemon water is good. Just wondering what Ken or other singers prefer while singing or about to sing. And also the effects, if any, from drinking teas?

Answer from Ken Tamplin:

Room temperauture water is by far the best.  Avoid anything with caffeine and carbonation.  Alcohol is not not smart as it will dry you out (and make you thyink you are singing better than you really are ha  ha)

Question from Alfred:

I was wondering how the vocal training would go during gig days. To be clear, my day starts with session 2 warm ups. I complete that and then sing my 30 song set. I proceed with @ a 15 mile bicycle ride, do a few sit ups and push ups then work for a few hours. After that, I go back and complete session 2 workout, sing the 30 songs and then I can chill and work on my personal songs. My first gig is the 18th of this month at 9pm. What I think is proper for that day would be skip the morning vocal workout and just do session 2 workout right before I go on stage. Does this sound right?

Answer from Bob:

That sounds about right to me.  I would skip the bicycle ride on gig day, too, because that could contribute to dehydration.  Be sure to tank up on plenty of h2o on gig day, too.  I would probably do lip trills and the tongue exercise in the morning, just for grins, and to see how everything is working that day, but I would skip the belting and stretching exercise if it were me, until evening.  Way to go on doing it right!

Follow up from Alfred:

Thank you very much for the instant answer. This course is amazing.

Got questions about singing?  Sign in to the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy forum and ask – we have an awesome community of supportive vocalists.