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From: Taek Kwon

I tried Brett Manning’s programs (bought all of them), Sing-O-Rama, and paid money for an in-person vocal coach. I’ve tried all the free programs on Youtube and on various Web sites that try to upsell you after a few lessons. None worked.

I bought your program exactly 16 days ago and yesterday, after 15 days of practicing your Level 1 Exercises and paying really close attention to your little tips on how to do them most effectively, I finally found my head voice. My key issue was that I went from chest to falsetto and couldn’t tell the difference between head and falsetto. But the way you described the exercises was exactly what I needed. I feel like I’ve gained an entire octave and a half of range now that I have found my head voice and learned how to connect it to my chest voice (that part came much more naturally to me).

In short, you are the man!! You delivered exactly as you said you would.

My only suggestion would be to have a more robust “Getting Started” manual or short video where you lay out the curriculum from beginning to end and then discuss when to advance to Level 2 and then 3. Also, a troubleshooting section for each exercise could be good so that people don’t try to advance too quickly without mastering each exercise. I did your Level 1 exercises 3x/day for 16 days and practiced songs that were too high for me every other day, and it finally all clicked for me on day 15. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot of work to do to refine my voice and add style, but at least I now feel like I have the raw materials (chest, head, falsetto) to sing almost any song.