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  • MetalRevolution93

    4 hours ago
    woow youu roockk!!!amazing voice<3 i wish i could sing´╗┐ like that :( a girl trough XD

    MetalRevolution93 4 hours ago

  • 15 hours ago

    Ahh I hope you do a DVD. ­čÖé I’ll miss it otherwise.´╗┐ Unless you come to Australia ­čÖé


    22 hours ago
    That’s one hell´╗┐ of a range you have there!


    1 day ago
    I bought Ken’s program and took a couple lessons and I’ve seen´╗┐ a dramatic improvement in my vocal abilities. Ken can not only sing, but he’s an amazing teacher as well.
  • 1 day ago
    where´╗┐ are u located

    nikkiajadi 1 day ago

  • 1 day ago
    @nikkiajadi costa mesa,´╗┐ ca
  • PwnageGuru holy shit you can sing´╗┐ lol 19 hours ago
  • BARASOO6 kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllll´╗┐ 1 day ago
  • Vampiroth88 PLZ JOIN MY METAL´╗┐ BAND! 4 days ago
  • akaTheFatTuba well damn lol´╗┐ 5 days ago
  • frenchmansgirl will this work for someone whose never had a lesson or´╗┐ any training? 6 days ago
  • kentamplin @frenchmansgirl´╗┐ It will absolutely help you. It’s all in what you are willing to put into it. 6 days ago
  • 1 hour ago
    how long did it take´╗┐ u to sing notes like that?

    mandy222434 1 hour ago

  • 1 second ago
    @kagome442 You could if you put your mind and heart to it ­čÖé

    kentamplin 1 second ago

  • 13 hours ago
    Wow´╗┐ I’d really love to sing like that my voice isn’t powerful enough tho
  • 1 day ago
    This is the first time I’ve ever´╗┐ heard this song, I loved it. Great job.

    BananaHurricane 1 day ago

  • 1 day ago
    @BananaHurricane Thanks :-)´╗┐

    kentamplin 1 day ago

  • 1 day ago
    I´╗┐ heard about a jingle you sang on for a Asian airlines and you sang it in Japanese. Is that true?

    talfacprez 1 day ago

  • 1 day ago
    @talfacprez´╗┐ Yes I have done many commercials for Japan. No I have never sung them in Japanese… ­čÖé
  • stillfalln81

    16 hours ago
    So your saying join me on KTVA, do you have like a subscription type deal. Im moving in 6 months to help a church that is much smaller then the one I am in now. I can hide my horrible voice easy with everyone elses singing but leaving in 6 months to a smaller one, i’ll stick out like a´╗┐ sore thumb. The congregation wont mind of course, just that I want to be better, let me know what you offer, cost whatever…
  • @stillfalln81 Hi´╗┐ Stillfalln81, Rob Hart here (Ken Tamplin’s assistant). Have you checked out the Ken Tamplin Vocal Aacdemy site? ( I can’t post the url here as youtube doesn’t allow that) it’s an easy google…

    All the info is on the´╗┐ site…


  • Thank for the´╗┐ material.
  • i like this video…´╗┐
  • How can i get a more higher pitch to my voice, everyone says i do but i don’t hear it??
    I lso have problems with keeping my vocals for a long time like in endings when you scream,like that, how can i make this´╗┐ better??
  • @MyNikki13 I cover all of this in my DVD series. It’s not about just the scream, it’s about learning´╗┐ to keep your thorat open with great support and knwoing how to sing the vowel sounds that will give you the “phat” hi range sound you are looking for.
  • @kentamplin Okay i will´╗┐ make sure to try it Thank you!!
  • @kentamplin can anybody learn to sing decently or is it only natural´╗┐ talent
  • @chelobaby21 It’s both. Anyone can learn to sing and like anything in life, some people have more of a natural talent than others however, those that are willing to put in the time and effort with proper training are usually the ones who win in the´╗┐ end. ­čÖé
  • Ebonyislavette niceee!!!!!! lol´╗┐ the singing was great. 1 day ago

  • 14 seconds ago
    @mandy222434 Mandy that’s a big question. To sing the notes like this about 5-7 years of hard training. To sing with soul…all my life´╗┐ ­čÖé

    kentamplin 14 seconds ago

  • 15 hours ago

    So your saying join me on KTVA, do you have like a subscription type deal. Im moving in 6 months to help a church that is much smaller then the one I am in now. I can hide my´╗┐ horrible voice easy with everyone elses singing but leaving in 6 months to a smaller one, i’ll stick out like a sore thumb. The congregation wont mind of course, just that I want to be better, let me know what you offer, cost whatever… stillfalln81 15 hours ago

  • 20 hours ago
    dude dude dude dude, u have the most rock on voice ive ever´╗┐ heard


    teddyalexander 20 hours ago

  • 3 days ago
    :O love´╗┐ the beginning!.
  • selgomezfangirly THAT WAS AMAZING! u just cut straight 2 it!! it was amzing!! but its kinda hard to exsplain but…i was looking more for…how to sound like demi lovato or taylor swift cuz im a teen ager.
    BUT THANKS DUDE…a mr.sir…mr.sirdude THAT WAS´╗┐ AWESOME. 1 week ago
  • JanetIsNumberOne Wat´╗┐ Tha Fok?!
    I Got To Find Him xD 1 week ago
  • lk0micho imagine some hobo looking dude walking into´╗┐ an american idol audition doin that
    ..”Hi my name is Scruffy heeeeeAAAAAAAYAAHAYAHYAYAHHHHHHhaaaaaooohhhhhhhh baabbbe” 1 week ago
  • michelle25257 @lk0micho´╗┐ lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 6 days ago
  • XxXmarielle daaamn !´╗┐ 1 week ago
  • EAHRM LMMAO!´╗┐ This video gets me every time! It’s funny but you got one powerful voice! 1 week ago
  • seeps9 Hey Ken, I’m the bassist (Spider) of the supergroup. I would just like to second mfperna’s (Montgomery Frederick´╗┐ Perna) notion. We feel that you would be a great addition to this band. This band will revolutionize rock as we know. With Roy Clark and Creed Bratton we could produce some electrifying music.
    Spider 1 week ago
  • mfperna also my bassist… spider.´╗┐ 1 week ago
  • mfperna Would you be interested in joining my supergroup? I’m trying to get a band´╗┐ together and we need a drummer/singer. So far I have me, Roy Clark, and Creed Bratton from the Grass roots. I have a world tour set up so I need a response by tomorrow…

    -Michael 1 week ago

  • kentamplin @mfperna Hi Michael, not´╗┐ at this time but I appreciate the consideration.

    -Ken 1 week ago

  • mfperna @kentamplin Well sleep on it because i really think we have the potential to go big and i would really hate for you to miss out on this great opportunity. Were going for a dance pop style genre, were actually really a kim mitchell´╗┐ cover band except we change all the lyrics into pro-christian hyms, like our hit single right now rockland forgivenessland. 1 week ago
  • WordlyHelp YOU GOOOOOO Mr. Ken!´╗┐ That was Funnnn 1 week ago
  • PleasantlyDisturbed lol awesome´╗┐ 2 weeks ago
  • wesleypitchford awesome´╗┐ 2 weeks ago
  • dustin13029 i just shit´╗┐ my pants.. 3 weeks ago
  • qaws162 it seems to be when i go from a lower pitch to a higher pitch theres a bit of a pause, so instead of sound its just air until i´╗┐ reach a not or a pitch higher its last for about half a second. im mot sure how to really explain it but do you know how i can fix this? 3 weeks ago
  • kentamplin @qaws162 Yes I cover this thoroughly in my DVD series. YOu have to work the break section very lightly (only´╗┐ until it connects) and then gradually start leaning into the sound to build this area. It will take a little bit of time (like building any muscle) but it will be worth it.
    -KT 3 weeks ago
  • klit86 What, shitting your pants?´╗┐ 3 weeks ago
  • KMatteKudasaiC I tend to flex my stomache when I sing.. It makes it easier to hold notes.. thats what you mean by “pushing down on diaphragm” right? Also, shud I approach singing in the same way when im singing light head and mix? Singing in “the back of the throat” when I’m singing rather soft gives a sort of strained sound a lot of the time. When i sing soft head´╗┐ I find the resonation is in my mask and I have lesser breath to complete phrases. Shud I sing in the back when im singing head voice? 2 weeks ago
  • 302kim OMGGG..´╗┐ 3 weeks ago
  • stebolian can do this, but im hoarse today, and feel i may need lessons, as im´╗┐ doing something wrong, 3 weeks ago
  • kentamplin @stebolian It sounds to me like you are using´╗┐ too much air and need better support. If you are choking off you throat to get those notes it will wear on the chord.
    -KT 3 weeks ago
  • XdanijelaX very nice.´╗┐ 3 weeks ago
  • rockyfreak0063 that´╗┐ was awsome!!!!! i would do anything to be able to do that! 3 weeks ago
  • ronaldreika great voice but´╗┐ I sure as hell wouldn’t have liked to be your parents while you were learning. 3 weeks ago
  • dmaddison00 holy shit´╗┐ thats amazing 3 weeks ago
  • matt666123654 o´╗┐ shit!!!! Jesus can sing!!!! 4 weeks ago
  • krlasutra WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !´╗┐ 4 weeks ago
  • LenDrizzy god damn´╗┐ he can sing 1 month ago
  • SamusDrake Holy´╗┐ shit I just crapped my pants! O_O

    You, Sir, are da Bomb! 1 month ago

  • tvemulap Dude, ur awesome! I wish I could sing like u! I don’t know if i sing good or bad but I know´╗┐ u sing GREAT! 1 month ago
  • smileyclown13 very impressive! Aerosmith is´╗┐ looking for a temp lead singer… you should try for the gig. 1 month ago
  • rattqueen6969 Wow dude you can sing. I think your hot to! I sure like these videos. Would you like to hear me sing? LOL. People tell me I sing with a twang and that I sound strained. I wanna sing Rock. I just´╗┐ want to stop singing through my nose. Could you help me out? You should hear me sing Queensryche Karaoke? LOL. Yes, I am a chick. I have talent but it needs to be worked on. People hear the talent and have told me, so it’s not like I suck really bad. There is hope. LOL 1 month ago
  • 4octavewonder So I can already do this sort of thing, singer of´╗┐ eleven years, 4 octaves, 2 above and below middle , in full voice. Can you still teach me more? This is right up my alley. 1 month ago
  • treebee69 rock´╗┐ on m/ 1 month ago
  • 859leah holy shit´╗┐ haha!! 1 month ago
  • kentamplin Some of it is true, some of it isn’t. Not sure where your voice is really at but if you consider people like David Bowie, Tom Petty, Bob Dylnad and a huuuge host of others where their mother told them thy couldn’t sing, I thin we would be missing´╗┐ a huge chunk of great artistry that has blessed the world.
    -KT 1 month ago
  • Cobra0911 @kentamplin I’m not sure´╗┐ how to ask this question. After the peak of the scale you have that “rock”(grindy?) sound. It is absolutely amazing. I’m wondering if that is something that can be trained or a sound that is unique to the voice of the singer. 3 weeks ago
  • pogochese LOLLLL
    your so good!

    I’m REALLY bad at singing
    but I really wanna sing
    but my mom told me that yo have to be born with that talent.
    Is that true?´╗┐ 1 month ago

  • dragonx13x i want to do that in the middle of a bunch of people just to see everyones reaction´╗┐ 1 month ago
  • quicksilver4893 holy shit haha i laughed so hard when i saw this lol it was so unexpected
    this guys got serious talent though… you cant really teach that…´╗┐ youre just born with it 1 month ago
  • 4octavewonder You can´╗┐ learn. 4 years ago I couldn’t sing above middle C, now I can sing soprano high C in full tone with no strain and insane volume. It’s all practice, but it’s more important to know what to practice. 1 month ago
  • JennaTexas1 @kentamplin Yes I would absolutely love´╗┐ your help! You’re incredible: ) 1 month ago
  • JennaTexas1 WOW! haha I’m pretty sure I just´╗┐ died that was so unexpected and hilarious! Great too!! 1 month ago
  • CityLights2009 That was amazing, I’m glad I clicked´╗┐ the vid. 7 1 month ago
  • blairerox i´╗┐ like how you just hit that note

    i can too but its in my head voice
    i want to sing it full foceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 1 month ago

  • mariaEXOTIC Oh my god, you are amazing man. You are seriously´╗┐ amazing! 1 month ago
  • zizer95 omg, i didn”t expect THIS :O

    nice´╗┐ ­čśÇ 2 1 month ago

  • rrockon123 haha´╗┐ LEGEND 1 month ago
  • GerardDuck419 holy´╗┐ shit 1 month ago
  • pgigglesalot1 Woooooooooooooooo´╗┐ 1 month ago
  • Michelle062970 Au contraire.. He is widely known. You’re just looking in the wrong places, like the secular media that exploits controversial subjects such as Adam Lambert.
    And I regress, the only reason why Adam is in the news´╗┐ because of his eccentric lifestyle.
    At my work, I hear top 40 music all day and I have never heard any Adam Lambert songs playing. I do hear Kris Allen, David Cook and Daughtry and other American Idol finalists, but not Adam. ­čÖé 2 months ago
  • AzuraDarkGoth Block User @Michelle062970

    Well, nobody I know knows Ken, and I know a lot of people, I don’t know him, uhhh, I never hear anybody talking about him….It’s just that I was talking´╗┐ about the new stuff this decade or something. But whatever…In the beginning, I just said that he sounded like Adam, but whatever…Your opinion is yours, my opinion is mine. It was kind of a compliment to Ken, but you said no. =/ 2 months ago

  • MrsLoganWadeLerman WOW´╗┐ 2 2 months ago
  • edziomy I need some ADAM.
    Big Daddy.´╗┐ 2 2 months ago
  • natemorey that was amazing!´╗┐ 5 2 months ago
  • TheElvisKaraoke COOL SHOW OFF´╗┐ LOL 5* 2 months ago
  • Desireexo yes please.´╗┐ 2 months ago
  • andrejoaosf 5 stars :D´╗┐ 2 months ago
  • afdrex YOU ROCK´╗┐ 2 months ago
  • ricansawgunner I wanna´╗┐ do that 2 months ago
  • qwertygents wow i clicked on this video´╗┐ and within 10 seconds i heard greatness. 2 months ago
  • CelebritySkin8193 Fendigeddig!! -´╗┐ Fantastic!! 2 months ago
  • JOHNNYwxw oh my god ..´╗┐ WOW 2 months ago
  • bladekid09 you got´╗┐ some mad vocals brah 2 months ago
  • Chrazycat “YEAHHHHHHH!”

    Omg´╗┐ wow! 2 months ago

  • PeripheralBounderies xD´╗┐ that was SO informational KT ­čśÇ 2 months ago
  • PeaceLoveIslam woah´╗┐ that was soooo
    crazy, You pulled a prince slash james brown on us. 2 months ago
  • Thk531 “Please check out´╗┐ my home page and look at the video of me singing at comment and tell me what i can doo better…..PLZ………=)” 2 months ago
  • hfaceyjr hahahahaha! man give a warning next time bout fell out of my chair´╗┐ 2 months ago
  • XxLannoxX Amazing.´╗┐ 2 months ago
  • scottrex33 wicked gay´╗┐ 2 months ago
  • bad77guy wicked…. id love to pull that out in a´╗┐ line up at wal mart 2 months ago
  • twibby22 yo man ive been wanting to sing for a long ass time like ill listen to music wanting to sing but when it comes down to it it wont happen im too low and my voice is really lame do you have any tips man i play guitar im into metal and i would like to´╗┐ get to screaming but yeah like i said my voice is too low can u help i want to impress my girlfreind for valentines day 2 months ago
  • kentamplin Try to keep the back of your throat as open as possible. Use the lower part of your stomach for support so you can relax the chest/neck and throat area. This will´╗┐ be the start to help you.
    -KT 2 months ago
  • Zollaganzi that was´╗┐ crazy 2 months ago
  • musicismylover123 darn if´╗┐ i could afford to do this i totally would ­čÖü 2 months ago
  • StratMatt777 where you add´╗┐ the grit to your voice is that taxing your voice or do you have a technique that makes it not tax your voice? I don’t know how to put grit in my voice and am afriad to try because I can tell it would hurt. I can sing like Geoff Tate, Freddy Mercury, George Michael, Smokey Robinson (high larynx!) etc., but am in awe of the guys that can make that grit on command. High larynx?
    AWESOME job on this song! Reminded me of Jeff Scott Soto in SoulSirkUS w/ Neal Schon.
    1 month ago
  • MrChadnificent Ive got to get me some of that. Im a decent singer but that´╗┐ was just plain awesome esp. the song demonstration on the website. i definitely struggle with breathing, and technique having no training. Im a very low bass naturally and ive managed to work my way back to a low tenor/comft baritone but this is like the missing piece to the puzzle to a great voice i think. No way i can afford these now… during tax time maybe 2 months ago
  • kentamplin Thanks for your interest in KTVA. It will´╗┐ seriously help gorw your voice. I understand about the $ thing.
    -KT 2 months ago
  • kenmasters831 hahaha this´╗┐ is funny 2 2 months ago
  • 2ra0bid9 does´╗┐ your voice develop over time of practice and pratice? or like it starts to come from low to more higher… 2 months ago
  • kentamplin Both. It develops over time but it can also´╗┐ develop quite quickly if you apply yourself ­čÖé 2 months ago
  • kentamplin the “more to higher question is´╗┐ explained in my DVD series. You literally “grow” your range.
    -KT 2 months ago
  • mstaylorswift26 o my gosh tht was reraly weird´╗┐ but stangly good 4 2 months ago
  • Kennefff cant even afford the $20 thing. i just basically have to´╗┐ learn timing and tempo.. any tips? 2 months ago
  • Neofran15 listen´╗┐ to the beat and rhythm of the music your singing. 2 months ago
  • NouveauGod Perfect as Always Ken..Peace´╗┐ ETC 1 week ago
  • gateboy160 dude my voice is ugly anything u can do´╗┐ about it? 2 months ago
  • kentamplin not sure how “ugly” is ugly but chances are´╗┐ if you’re willing to work it and put in the time, you could make something of it
    ­čÖé 2 months ago
  • AdnarimLove damn!!!!! instant fave.´╗┐ 3 months ago
  • yardsnacker One word: Ring Tone lol´╗┐ ;D 4 3 months ago
  • wvoelcker @yardsnacker (sings) # that’s´╗┐ two worrrdddssss!# but – yes! 2 months ago
  • Disturbed3650 When I first saw this, I nearly pooped´╗┐ myself. 7 3 months ago
  • MrPimpnuts69 the weird thing is i happened to be on the toilet while watching this and i actually did crap myself. rofl XD´╗┐ 2 2 months ago
  • jpmfresno Hey..the 1980’s called and wants its hair rock vocalist back.´╗┐ 2 3 months ago
  • JohnnyDeSimone93 dude ­čÖü im 16 and i can sing ok compared to most guys my age that i know of, but i want more help. the´╗┐ sad thing is i cant afford your lessons, do you have anything cheaper available or any simple tips? 3 months ago
  • kentamplin JOhnny, I am getting ready to launch a -live performance warm up download for $20.00. It’s not´╗┐ going to give you the info that is in the series, but it will help you warm up before shows and recording.
    -KT 3 months ago
  • kentamplin PS: e-mail´╗┐ me your e-mail address.
    -KT 3 months ago
  • evanlala i want your´╗┐ hair. 2 3 months ago
  • kentamplin and please contact´╗┐ me directly from the site… 3 months ago
  • kentamplin It’s sounds like you are pushing yourself too hard. Slow down a little bit. Do what I recommend. Either do it very lightly, or take a day or two off and then start back lightly. If you have tention in your neck, it’s highly unlikey yu have the “good support” you think you´╗┐ have. You should have no tention… 3 months ago
  • JohnnyDeSimone93 my ass can´╗┐ do that xD that was amazing! 3 months ago
  • kreed777 wow!! I had to play it twice´╗┐ wow 3 months ago
  • Kaylaxrawrxcore That was freaking´╗┐ awesome! ­čśÇ 3 months ago
  • RawkinOutt Insane voice. I can barely sing in tune let´╗┐ alone wail like that. 4 months ago
  • m1kkel2 that was´╗┐ dope 4 months ago
  • 7852751247 if u were to sing like that at age 16 and your working on the masters. can that effect you´╗┐ growing up in any bad way vocal wize. 4 months ago
  • kentamplin If you are doing it correctly it will turn´╗┐ you into a monster singer! 4 months ago
  • bazookarka oh´╗┐ my god u really sing 4 months ago
  • KeeHartProductions I can harmonize really good with´╗┐ you on this ­čÖé 4 months ago
  • viperfishsasori Bro ,I remember you from Shout and Magdallan!
    You still got it!!
    I want the range´╗┐ and power!!
    All blessings on you, in the Name of our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ! 4 months ago
  • kentamplin Kee, you don;t need to wait for that. We have all kinds of programs that can help´╗┐ you.

    -KT 4 months ago

  • KeeHartProductions But, the problem is that I don’t have the money lol. But I’m actually being really serious as well. Would you be my´╗┐ vocal coach when I become professional? 4 months ago
  • kentamplin I would be happy to help you when´╗┐ you are ready bro.
    -KT 4 months ago
  • KeeHartProductions I am ready. But I meant person to person. I’m a kinesthetic learner, Ken. You’d have to be there in person to´╗┐ help me. 4 months ago
  • AzuraDarkGoth lol just like adam´╗┐ lambert! 4 months ago
  • Michelle062970 Ken has been around´╗┐ much MUCH longer than even before Adam was born..

    Ken has more class anyway than confusing Adam… ­čÖé 2 months ago

  • AzuraDarkGoth =O no way nuh uh….NO

    Do you see Ken in the news anymore?
    Adam is the new, hot thing.
    sorry it’s´╗┐ really true! 2 months ago

  • Michelle062970 Ken was never in the “news” as you put it. He doesn’t need to´╗┐ be. He is the master!

    The only reason why Adam is on the “news” is because of his eccentric controversial lifestyle.
    I 2 months ago

  • PriincessHiibaa haha´╗┐ damnn 4 months ago
  • 0ooJesusFreakoo0 DUDE!!!!
    great voice! 5 months ago
  • Mikie305 LMAO this video is hilarious love this guy seems like a´╗┐ really cool dude 5 months ago
  • peppermintmmmeringue YES YES, yes I´╗┐ would. ­čśÉ 5 months ago
  • ajlaishere wow!´╗┐ 5 months ago
  • edyci Awesome voice! Wish it was at a´╗┐ more reachable price ­čÖé Maybe sometime. 5 months ago
  • MrTeiV two Words “Holy F*ck”

    Can´╗┐ you sing for my band please?
    ha 5 months ago

  • ajah21 loved it.´╗┐ Wish the class was free though, lol! 6 months ago
  • Michelle062970 everyone has to make a living!

    Ken is the master!´╗┐ 2 months ago

  • PumpkinSmash hahahhahahah! I love this video! I can’t´╗┐ stop watching it! 2 6 months ago
  • nero21 ok now say something understandable at´╗┐ that range. 6 months ago
  • IAmWaverly I’d love that. Not that style, ahaha, but all´╗┐ that , what you did, yus plis. Do want. 6 months ago
  • noobwithanrs This is sm’ok….I give it a solid B.

    Simon´╗┐ Cowell 6 months ago

  • FantomasDude He reminds me´╗┐ of Hot Rod!! 6 months ago
  • gitardood Holy Shit´╗┐ dude that was bad ass! 6 months ago
  • sacajuwea1 u r´╗┐ so good i looked at the website but i did not know u had to pay ­čÖü 6 months ago
  • BrutalnEpic made my´╗┐ eyes POP! 6 months ago
  • XXXdannysmokesXXX thanks man i plan on being that good…..from now on im guna introduce myself to people like…hey my name is danny……..heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….hahahaha. that was´╗┐ great man. 7 7 months ago
  • penguinx3kitteh kinda reminded me a little of rob halford. ur voice is choice, dude.´╗┐ :] 7 months ago
  • codebreaker1983 does when he screams really high it does sound like him´╗┐ 6 months ago
  • SephirothCWX Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn = OOOO!!!!
    I wanna learn.
    Now =´╗┐ )!

    I want it i want itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 7 months ago

  • nayloc59 DAAAAAMMMMNNNN!!! I have never heard anything as amazing as what u juss´╗┐ did! i would luv to sing like that… 7 months ago
  • solidsnake0707 sound like a damn´╗┐ fool lolll nah im joking 7 months ago
  • leetbh your just sung´╗┐ master exploder? 7 months ago
  • JoeKamel3 Wow….´╗┐ my monitor cracked. 8 7 months ago
  • KidJUdgedByHIsPAst whats the´╗┐ sight? lol 7 months ago
    wow´╗┐ your great Not Spam 3 7 months ago
  • WarcraftPeep101 Holy crap´╗┐ 3 7 months ago
  • THEYTOOKRJEEBS reminds me of´╗┐ robert plant 7 months ago
  • Michelle062970 Really how?

    Sorry, Ken is the master!´╗┐ 2 months ago

  • gonitosmmz your awsome´╗┐ !! 7 months ago
  • Outcast440 that gave me honestly the´╗┐ most stunned face ive ever had 3 7 months ago
  • MetalSk8Shred Okay, he’s a good´╗┐ singer. 3 7 months ago
  • sangaboy09 yo that wus´╗┐ mad krazi it wuss real gud wish i could do dhat buh i kan sang doe 7 months ago
  • disneyrocx this cracks me´╗┐ up! 7 months ago
  • disneyrocx hooooly………crap wat was´╗┐ that about! it blew my eye brows off 3 7 months ago
  • Cannabisvorous holy…………´╗┐ 7 months ago
  • johnnyfortner you are my hero, i have the´╗┐ heart for singing, but don’t have the skill 2 7 months ago
  • hope518 that was gooooood…….and out of nowhere too lol´╗┐ 7 months ago
  • xBobaFetish Whoa. I want to be´╗┐ able to do that. 2 8 months ago
  • snow7cat11 whoa´╗┐ 8 months ago
  • Bgraphic27 my mouth completley dropped whoa…´╗┐ 8 months ago
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    hey ken awesome video i have decided to listen to your voice and learn what i can from you..i will also be taking vocal lessons very soon this month but i have been singing at home and outside since the age of 6 i just want to improve and be the best i can be because the career i have chosen is to be a singer and get in the music industry as soon as i can i am 16 at the moment turning 17´╗┐ in two you believe it is a good idea to be taking vocals? the place i have chosen to go to is The International School of Music and they teach you according to your genre..and how long will it take for my voice to actually mature up a bit more it is relly nice but i stil feel that it is not as deep as it can be would my vocals sound different in my twenties?
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    i subbed you!
    kingRames11 (1 week ago)
    Haha okay man, thanks. It seems pretty cool and im interested but depends on´╗┐ what i have to do and all of this other stuff is going on in my life so im pretty busy but ill do my best. Thanks
    kingRames11 (1 week ago)
    Is it on his website? Like wtf? What is it? Online, in person? Free, cost? What? I need details´╗┐ =)
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    mikevaughanmusic (3 weeks ago)
    F**king hell Kenny baby ­čÖé I have only had your stage one for dudes for one day but I already understand the mechanisms and sounds SO much more!!!! Even if I can’t do it all yet just understanding it more is SO important to me and I was hitting some high notes really cleanly and openly and messing around with the AH (the L-AH-W ­čÖé ) sound. I’ve taken some other lessons and bought some other systems and I was REALLY confused. Anyone considering purchasing this method do it now!!! ­čÖé Keep it up Kenny baby (if it’s alright with you from now on I shall call you Kenny baby ­čśë ) ­čÖé Mike Vaughan´╗┐ from the UK
    jonnymainstagemusic (3 weeks ago)
    hey ken, you came into kean coffee in newport beach the other day. i was not aware of who you were really, you have an amazing gift and next time i see you if you have time i would love to get to´╗┐ know you better
    jamesdavis554 (1 month ago)
    hello ken

    i am currently taking singing/vocal lessons right now and i am going to practice them everyday. can you show me any tips on how to actually practice vibrato or high notes? please watch my videos of me singing and comment´╗┐ them on parts i need help on.

    NiggaPlease2222 (1 month ago)
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    Do you do guitar lessons too? ­čśŤ You Rawk dude. Btw, Scott Van Zen, a “discovery” of yours, is one of the main reasons i persist in playing the guitar left-handed….. Thanks. And youve got a wide-ranging voice. On “It Won’t Be Long” you hit this insanely high note over the´╗┐ solo youre playing in the outro. Just fries my circuits.
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    Ken, the way you make ur songs changed my concept of´╗┐ praising GOD with Rock !
    Thanks man !
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    My partner and I have a´╗┐ recording studio near Sacramento and would like some of your killer harmonies for some Christian rock.
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    PhantomKode (9 months ago)
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    charlesh1 (10 months ago)
    Ken, I am over 50 years old, took voice lessons in the past but haven’t been singing for years, guess what? I bought your advanced work out for dudes, been using it for 3´╗┐ weeks, and can sing songs and hit notes I only used to dream about in my 20’s and 30’s. It works, Man! You are the real deal! Thanks!


    Roboterm01 (10 months ago)
    heres a wonderful demonstration do sweet child o mine that would be´╗┐ so cool!!!!
    ryn770 (10 months ago)
    I’d like to hear you demonstrate Take hold of the flame by´╗┐ Queensryche, or Neon Knights by Black Sabbath. Think you can make it happen? thanks
    Michelle062970 (10 months ago)
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    One more question…..I would consider myself an intermediate singer, and I’m considering buying your intermediate workout, will I be able to get by without doing the starter course first?
    misswishstorm (11 months ago)
    Ur´╗┐ good
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    Would´╗┐ love some old “Shout” covers Ken.
    briank06261973 (1 year ago)
    Thought I would subscribe. I have several of your albums and really enjoy them. I also have the Magdallan album you did vocals on. I just discovered your page and´╗┐ am looking forward to watching your singing techniques videos. God bless.
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    dipu08uk (1 year ago)
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    Cubert555 (1 year ago)
    100th Subscriber!!! O and by the way,´╗┐ this is David Ganyo
    dipu08uk (1 year ago)
    I got´╗┐ cold…….should I practice on that situation????
    kentamplin (1 year ago)
    sagiajaj, glad I cxould be of help.

    At some point (depending on how serious´╗┐ you are about the voice) you may want to pick up the Master’s Class DVD at

    It will seriously grow your voice! ­čÖé


    sagiajaj (1 year ago)
    Man, I just gotta tell you..
    I never knew about your music im about 18 and I found out about it and i really love it!
    and I just want you´╗┐ to know that you seem like a really great person to me, you seem ambitious and energetic! and you really helped me with your vocal tips!
    bless you!
    Michelle062970 (1 year ago)
    Thank you for the note and adding more videos. Will´╗┐ be watching soon. God bless!!
    aboxguitar (1 year ago)
    im looking forward to learning your singing techniques´╗┐
    kentamplin (1 year ago)
    My vocal tip of the week.
    An interactive web cam component for´╗┐ a “live” weekly chat (a web cast)
    Part of the paid subscription I’ll coach through a whole song a student may be working on as opposed to “just scales and exercises”
    A contest for the winner to get to record in Ken Tamplin’s studio
    Studio Recording tips
    How to pitch your music to Film and TV
    Cruise ship / employment gig tips
    How to copyright your music
    Resources page
    aboxguitar (1 year ago)
    im looking forward to learning your singing techniques´╗┐
    Linville12 (1 year ago)
    I was a huge fan´╗┐ of Shout back in the 80’s and early 90’s but never saw any videos. Do you know where I could view some? Thanks.
    Michelle062970 (1 year ago)
    Please add more videos!!!! LOL!
    Your biggest fan in´╗┐ Chicago-Joliet-land…
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  • g0dvollie Sure Ken. The download would be great. I’ll send you my email through your site so I don’t have to post it on youtube. Extremely fast shipping on the program also. I think only 2 or 3 days from California.´╗┐ Excellent. 10 months ago
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  • heatwaveradio i paid a lot of money for another course, did it for a couple of months and really struggled to get into head voice. someone turned me onto ken’s course and within a week i was up into head voice and using the head/chest mix. i’m currently doing the intermediate class and hope to move up to the masterclass as soon as my finances allow it.
    i really recommend this course, it’s helped me´╗┐ so much (and no, i’m not connected with ken in any way).
    thank you ken!
    pete. 11 months ago
  • shanttamazian Was it Singing Success? Tell me more about your story if you´╗┐ don’t mind messaging me. Thanks 11 months ago
  • kentamplin Thanks for´╗┐ your kind post Pete,
    -Ken 11 months ago
  • moltengrace Rofl this is so awesome, I’m trying to learn myself, but I think my voice is too nasally for singing. ):´╗┐ 11 months ago
  • kentamplin There is a´╗┐ way to lose the nasaly sound…
    -KT 11 months ago
  • moltengrace Quick, fist my nostrils!´╗┐ 11 months ago
  • kentamplin Funny you should say that…it does have to do´╗┐ with not allowing so much air to pass through the nasal cavity… 11 months ago
  • moltengrace That IS´╗┐ why I said that! 11 months ago
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  • kentamplin Yes, anyone can learn to sing. It will be up to you, as to how far you´╗┐ are willing to take it. 11 months ago
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  • kentamplin It’s actually a combination of´╗┐ head (flasetto) and chest ­čÖé
    -Ken 11 months ago
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  • Intuitionsmusic well, honestly, i think it’s great to´╗┐ achieve those notes, but my falsetto sounds bad, so it’s not good for me- interesting though. 11 months ago
  • kentamplin How doies your regular voice sound? If this sounds good, your head voice will sound good too if you work´╗┐ it properly.
    -KT 11 months ago
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  • kentamplin Thanks, let me know if I can help´╗┐ you with yours ­čÖé
    -KT 1 year ago
  • woobieman Two words:´╗┐ Glen Hughes

    Technique is one thing…..soul is another. 1 year ago

  • kentamplin well you can’t teach soul,´╗┐ you have to earn it ­čÖé 1 year ago
  • woobieman Your resume is amazing…..thats the ultimate compliment´╗┐ being called “a singer’s singer”
    The best part of singing is being able to make a joyfull noise unto Him. 1 year ago
  • ernestharlow Damn you got the gig! Bring´╗┐ yo as to Dallas 1 year ago
  • gunsntulips that was so awesome´╗┐ i actually smiled… and i’ve been having a horrible day! anyways, Ken, you rock and i just emailed you at your gmail account. 1 year ago
  • HogbergPhotography Wow..´╗┐ amazing ­čÖé I would love to be able to sing like that.. The problem is that I will never be able to pay several hundred dollars per private lesson.. ­čÖü 1 year ago
  • kentamplin Hey Hogberg, if you buy´╗┐ any one of the DVD’s the leesons are only $100.00 per hour and can be broken up into 15 minute increments.

    You would probably spend that in one night for dinner and a movie ­čÖé
    Everyone has their priorities. ha ha 1 year ago

  • kentamplin Hi Bro, it’s actually $100.00 per hour if you´╗┐ buy just one of the KTVA DVD’s and can be broken up into 15 minute increments… ­čÖé

    I also do a private 20 minute web cam or telephone private consult for $25.00.
    -KT 1 year ago

  • kentamplin Sorry Bro,

    Probably because I´╗┐ just posted it… ­čÖé

    -KT 1 year ago

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    I’ve been a fan 24 years!… 1 year ago
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  • kentamplinHave you´╗┐ had the chance to work on the lessons I posted?

    -KT 1 year ago

  • aandre311 THis sound so powermetal you rock´╗┐ man 1 year ago
  • kentamplin Thanks´╗┐ Aandre

    -KT 1 year ago

  • SaraLoera Ken, I can’t tell you how´╗┐ much your vocal coaching has helped me!!! Thanks you TONS!!!
    Sara 1 year ago
  • BobHart101 This totally rocks!!!

    Thank´╗┐ you Mr. Tamplin!!!
    -BH 1 year ago

  • Michelle062970 LOVE IT!!!
    What more can I say?´╗┐ 1 year ago
  • coltrider120 Block User Hey´╗┐ Ken, first of all Great Demo. a true testiment of your dedication to your work. My son is 15 and has been playing guitar (self taught) for two years and finally got a band together but it has been difficult finding a singer. He has come to the conclusion that he might have to try singing as everyone that meets him asks him “do you sing” because of his velvet baratone voice. Will your academy be able to help him without one on one instruction? 3 weeks ago
  • kentamplin (uploader) @coltrider120 Absolutely. The DVD series I have will help him temendously but remember, most of my clients are via web cam all over the world. It’s just like one on one right here in the studio. Technology is in an amazing place. And Skype is free!!! I use a´╗┐ Logitech 9000 camera which goes for about $60.00 and is super easy to set up.

    -KT 3 weeks ago

  • kentamplin @Guitarass08 When I was about 18 I didn;t consider myself a singer. I considered myself as a guitar player who sang. It took me yeasr to develop the´╗┐ voice I have. 6 days ago
  • kentamplin This is Rob (Ken’s´╗┐ assistant). Yes Ken’s lessons definitely work indeed ­čÖé
    -Rob 6 days ago
  • in reply to: KambalReplica Block User you have amazing voice Ken… But i have question, is it true that when you sing you must relax your throat? cuz almost all´╗┐ voice lesson Ive seen have that kind of advice. 1 week ago
  • kentamplin @KambalReplica You need to open your throat, and yes your upper body from your chest through you neck´╗┐ and throat all need to relax… 1 week ago
  • KambalReplica @kentamplin thanks´╗┐ dude. 2 days ago
  • Guitarass08 @kentamplin Thanks for the reply.. Ill definetly be checkn out the web site´╗┐ anyways.. Thanks again 6 days ago
  • Guitarass08 @kentamplin Thanks for the reply.. Ill definetly be checkn out the web site anyways.. Thanks again 6 days ago
  • PittsburghGirl123 Your amazing! Is it true that your lessons work very well, and are successful? Your truly amazing! 6 days ago
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  • RT101894 holy shit, your´╗┐ amazing 1 month ago
  • kentamplin @RT101894 Thanks for your kind comments´╗┐ guys.

    -KT 1 month ago

  • CityLights2009 Jeez´╗┐ you’re an amazing singer. 1 month ago
  • intrinsicx Very Inspiring! ~ God´╗┐ Bless ­čÖé 1 month ago
  • pgigglesalot1 Your good!!!!´╗┐ 1 month ago
  • Buscles Jolly, Amen!´╗┐ 3 months ago
  • claudioisea123 man do you have the´╗┐ tabs for the song??
  • Michelle062970 Ps I like the note you hit on :45! Wow!´╗┐ Love it! 7 months ago
  • Michelle062970 Wow! I love it!
    Love how you changed the lyrics´╗┐ to give glory to our Lord Jesus! Yes! 7 months ago
  • simonefracassi84 Minchia man.Amazing voice.Come´╗┐ in Europe please. 8 months ago
  • MattKuhstossBYW ur´╗┐ amazing… =) 9 months ago
  • Rawk4Life God bless you´╗┐ Ken Tamplin. It’s refreshing to see an ex-Christian metal icon still playing music for the Lord. 9 months ago
  • SaintKnyte It gives the song a sense of hope instead of just commiseration. Nothing wrong´╗┐ with that in my book. 1 year ago
  • SaintKnyte Just an honest´╗┐ observation. ­čśë
    YVW tho. 1 year ago
  • SaintKnyte That really injected some soul and´╗┐ spirituality into a great song.
    A great song made even better now. ­čśë 1 year ago
  • kentamplin Thanks´╗┐ bro,
    SaraLoera Wow Ken, FINALLY someone redeemed´╗┐ this song after CRacker distroyed it!!!

    What’s with the different lyrics?
    -Sara 2 1 year ago

  • NouveauGod Excellent as ever!
    I’m now´╗┐ Following on Twitter Too!
    Peace 10 months ago
  • MusicDude911 Block User Nice´╗┐ job! ­čÖé 1 year ago
  • kentamplin @StratMatt777 It’s not something you can do over night. Yes I most definitely have´╗┐ a technique I lay out in my DVD series where I can do this without hurting myself. Thanks for your comments.
    1 month ago
  • BioWarzProductions That is awesome.´╗┐ 1 month ago
  • chihuo1 5*****´╗┐ 2 months ago
  • gibscot Virtuoso!!´╗┐ 2 months ago
  • getwidth Nice.´╗┐ 3 months ago
  • Lavizzle Damn what a´╗┐ voice! Great cover too! 2 3 months ago
  • ByHisStrypes Greatness! ~Michael´╗┐ D Koehler~ 3 months ago
  • BananaHurricane Great job,´╗┐ dude. 2 3 months ago
  • MrTeiV Fantastic. Outstanding.
    I Hope To have singing lessons with you soon after I move.
    This Just makes me wish it´╗┐ was sooner. 2 3 months ago
  • MrTeiV Fantastic. Outstanding.
    I Hope To´╗┐ have singing lessons with you soon after I move.
    This Just makes me wish it was sooner. 2 3 months ago
  • kalapoka666 Block User man your voice is so awesome!!! can your students become as good´╗┐ as you after the training? :D. Really liked the demo Ken. 1 month ago
  • kentamplin (uploader) @kalapoka666 I think everyone is different and unique. I spent a lifetime of getting my voice where I want it so. Everyone has their own disciplines on how far they want to take their instrument. Yes, you can go very far. Are you willing to put in the sacrifice I have to get that good I´╗┐ think is a better question. ­čÖé 1 month ago
  • rlguitarist Block User Wow! Great performance on every songs.´╗┐ 1 month ago
  • loungefly1 Block User Song choice-sound quality-vocal´╗┐ performance–everything here is absolutely top notch. Fantastic singing! Where do you get the back tracks from? 2 months ago
  • kentamplin (uploader) Thanks.

    I created the track here´╗┐ in my studio… 2 months ago

  • MagicAceMatt Block User awesome singign ­čśŤ 5´╗┐ stars ­čÖé 2 months ago
  • RocktheStageNYC Block User Ken – gotta say props´╗┐ on the demo. Nice range of singing styles and tonalities. 2 months ago