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When should I take the Stage 2 course?

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Hi Ken,

I’m in my 4th week of your Level 1 course. Definite improvement. I’m now singing with a good 2 octave range. I’m a few years older than you- a tenor. Since starting Level 1, I noticed that I added about 2-3 useable notes on the low end and 2-3 useable notes on the upper end. Midtone sounds pretty good. My voice still cracks as I practice above my range but no strain and pain. Question: when should I take Level 2?

Ken Tamplin:

I recommend doing the stage 1 course for about 3-4 weeks and then taking a web cam lessons to make sure you are doing it correctly. Then move on to stage 2. However, if funds don’t allow for that, make certain you have dropped the jaw like I show in the video, the tongue is dropped, you are releasing all the tension in the chest neck and throat and your support is doing all the “heavy lifting”.

Stage 2 starts to concentrate on more advanced vowel modifications and advanced scales for pitch and control.

By the time you get to stage 3 you will be ready for compression and advanced bridge connecting etc…

I hope that helps.