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Why Do Older Artists Lose Their Voice?

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3 days ago

Wow, this is simply amazing… I am so inspired! Thank you so much, Ken!

luckyelena 3 days ago

  • 1 week ago

    That was mind blowing… what got me was how you stopped singing and just spoke like normal, no shortness of breath… no nothing after belting that out better than the original!! If I have the money spare Id buy the full dvd. more vids Ken.

    wilz182 1 week ago

  • 1 month ago

    u fucking rock man

    chacaplata 1 month ago

  • 1 month ago

    also is there a school of thought as to why bon jovi cant sing what he use to be able to sing (i use bon jovi as an example, there are others such as axl rose) but here you are into your 40s and singing right off the bat as if we were hearing a recording. Did you do any kind of warm up before you started this video?

    TariQmorningstar 1 month ago

  • 1 month ago

    @TariQmorningstar This is presicley why I started Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Very few people have “studied” what it takes to obtain and maintain good vocal health. I have spent about a half a million dollars (yes you heard that right) on my voice and have studied under some of the greatest vocal coaches this world has to offer and have developed a technique that not only preserves the voice but it actually gets better with age (like working out correctly). and yes I am 46

    kentamplin 1 month ago

  • 1 month ago

    @kentamplin well you dont look it.. hen you’re clean shaven you look 35 easy lol.

    surly though ken there is a school of thought that would suggest your voice is unteachable?? your born with most of it.. I have heard maybe under 10 people in my life that can sing to that standard… I’m thinking steve tyler, axl rose, steve perry etc. even so, your voice is more powerful in the middle upper than most. so can you really teach what you have to someone and have them sing to that standard?

    TariQmorningstar 1 month ago

  • 1 month ago

    @TariQmorningstar When I was 19, I would blow my voice out almost every night. I could hardly speak the next day. I decided I would change that and set out to study the voice like no one I knew had. YOur voice is a muscle and functions exactly like any muscle in your body. Even if you are a “small framed person” you can still develop powerfull muscles, strength and endurance. So it is with the voice if done correctly.