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Will KTVA Technique Help Me Sing Like Bruno Mars, Ne Yo, The Killers?

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This was the entire question we received:

I want to improve my voice and improve my tone and all, but I don’t want to change my voice to like a rock singer or something. I want to have a pop/R&B vocal. I guess John Mayer, The Killers, Bruno Mars, Ne-Yo, Elliot Yasmin kind of thing…somewhere between all those.
So is open throat singing for pop and r&b or just rock? I also want to increase my flexibility, pitch accuracy and speed I can do runs. (the poppy thing)

I noticed in a lot of student videos they are just belting and really powering out notes, which for 80s rock and stuff I guess is good but I want to have a smooth connection with everything.
Right now I can sing through my bridge but I have to immensely increase support around an E (above mid C).

Can I ask what you mean by saving breath? I breathe from my diaphragm but maybe I’m not doing it the best way…

Anyways, I hope through my videos and messages you can see what sort of thing I’m going for. Sorry bout all the questions, I just want to be the best vocalist I can be.

Ken Tamplin:

Here’s the thing.

Good singing technique is good singing technique regardless the genre or style.

Aretha Franklin is one of my all time favorite singers,

The people you mention (Bruno Mars, Ne-Yo, Elliot Yasmin ) are just wimpy versions of those singers.

Mariah is more in that vein as far as power and strength are concerned.

To sing rock a “heavy soul” (like Aretha) requires 3 times the amount of diaphragmatic support.

Singers like John Mayer, The Killers, Bruno Mars, Ne-Yo, Elliot Yasmin etc. only need 1/3 of that support.

It’s still the same technique and support, you just don’t need to be a “buff” so to speak.

Good vowel modifications, release valves, mask, pitch and all that still apply.

The approach is exactly the same.

To sing like Bruno Mars is much easier than singing like Lou Gramm.

Lou Gramm could singing Bruno Mars, but Bruno Mars could not sing Lou Gramm..

Good technique is good technique, regardless of the style you apply it to.