Laguna Beach Singing Lessons

Laguna Beach Singing Lessons with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy’s “How to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” course is a little like striking gold in the early gold rush days of California. Just ask the thousands of former students who have already learned how to sing better than they ever thought possible. That’s because they learned how to sing from Ken Tamplin himself, an award-winning singer with an impressive resume of singing accomplishments.

Instead of receiving lessons from a vocal coach who really can’t sing very well, Ken will actually use his own voice to give you a unique perspective on what you can do to become an accomplished singer in your own right.

The “How to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” course is not only world famous for giving students the tools they need to elevate their voice to a higher level, but it’s fun, easy-to- understand and produces amazing results — results you just won’t get anywhere else in California.

Whether you have only a little bit of singing ability and want to learn to sing better, or you’re singing professionally and just want to fine tune your voice, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy’s proven methods and techniques will help you attain your goals. Learning how to sing better than anyone else is the very heart and soul of what has made Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy the standard by which all other are measured.

There are a variety of ways you can learn…

 A DVD/CD combo – and/or:

 Digital Downloads

 Online via webcam – and/or:

 Private in-studio

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – Fun! Exciting! Rewarding!

Check out KTVA student Adley Stump who made it onto The Voice: