Personal Singing Lessons

Nothing beats 1 on 1 singing lessons with Ken Tamplin, it is the sure fire way to learn how to sing better than you ever thought possible!

We have three great avenues for you to get personal singing lessons from Ken Tamplin:

Online Singing Lessons:

You can book online singing lessons with Ken Tamplin via webcam. Many of our professional vocalists stay on top of their vocal training this way. You can book your online singing lessons with Ken anytime – you can start singing better TODAY!

Private In-Studio Lessons:

People fly from all over the world to Los Angeles and Hawaii for private in-studio voice lessons with Ken Tamplin. Your sessions will be professionally recorded at our professional recording studios in Southern California.

Master Singing Program:

The ultimate singing program for the ultimate professional vocalist. This six-month, extremely intensive singing program is custom tailored to you. This KTVA Master Singing Program is for professional vocalists only and an application process is required.

  1. Online Singing Lessons
  2. Private In-Studio Lessons
  3. Master Singing Program