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When it comes to Online Singing Lessons, nothing beats Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. We take your singing very seriously and we have a number of options for you.1: You can enroll in the How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else singing course and always supplement your singing lessons with online singing lessons with Master Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin via webcam.

2: Start with a Skype lesson or two before you start your course.

3: If you’re a professional singer and need to maintain top level training while on tour or in the studio, you can get a Skype bundle.

Are online singing lessons as effective as “in person” vocal training?

Today’s technology is amazing and the answer is yes, they are as effective.

In the “old days” one would have to drive or fly (and even live) great distances to study with a specialized vocal coach and learn to sing.
Those days are gone.  You can now study with the world’s most sought after voice teacher right on your computer.

And not only that, at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, each session is visually recorded and the video lessons are e-mailed to you after each session so you can refer to them over and over, “seeing” Ken make adjustments and watching Ken personally demonstrate for you what you need to work on as you learn to sing better.

Learn to Sing the right way, right away!

Online singing lessons via webcam are excellent for getting IMMEDIATE feedback and input on your singing voice. Many of our professional vocalists who are on the road or in a recording studio use singing lessons online with Ken Tamplin to maintain their vocal health and work though vocal issues on the road.

Others, just need help working up a song for that big audition or showcase or maybe a little adjustment for those needing help with the KTVA course.

Whatever your need is, you can have lessons tailored to fit YOUR specific needs, without countless hours of travel to get them.

So learn what others already know. Online singing lessons are now the fastest, most effective way to get killer vocal training right on your computer.

You can even use your smartphone with the Skype application!

You can also just purchase online singing lessons by themselves without enrolling in the course.

Online Singing Lessons from Anywhere in the World!!!


Using Webcams is Easy, Convenient and Instant.
Start your First Singing Lesson Online Right Now!!

How To Take Online Voice Lessons…

You can be taking personal webcam singing lessons with Ken Tamplin in minutes, right from your computer, mobile phone and/or tablet, using its built-in webcam.If you don’t have a web camera already built in to your computer for our online singing lessons, Ken uses the Logitech Pro 9000. It is VERY reasonably priced at about $65.00. You can buy one here: (they have them both for MAC and PC)

Then: Open up a FREE Skype account here:

You’re all set! It’s THAT easy!!!

Now you can start web cam lessons with Ken!!!

Another AMAZING thing about technology is you can RECORD YOUR ONLINE VOCAL LESSONS!This is something you cannot do with In Studio Lessons. It’s easy to record the online singing lessons so you can refer to them over and over again for maximum learning.

The programs are cheap ($20 – $50) and work extremely well.


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*You have up to one year to take your lessons!

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