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Ken Tamplin Review from Arkansas

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Hi Ken Tamplin!

I just wanted to say thank you for your vocal lessons. I am a very busy person so I have only gotten to work through Stage one (I played around with it a year ago, but finally had time to do some serious work a few months ago) and I am beginning to work on stage two.

I have already had so much improvement in my voice!

I had been praying for God to bless my singing voice and he has definitely used you in answering that prayer. I am excited to see how my voice continues to grow and improve. I am in the Great Arkansas Talent Search and just sang for Round 2 a week ago. I made it on to Round 3!

I always had a really quiet, sweet and weak voice, but not anymore! Here’s a video:

(Listen to the judges after April’s great performance, it’s worth it! – kt)

Thanks again!

April – Arkansas

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