Salt Lake City Singing Lessons

What do Salt Lake City Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Salt Lake City Singing Lessons from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy have in common? Incredible, Remarkable, Singing! The KTVA “How to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” online course has taught thousands of students how to sing in a way they had previously only dreamed about. This course is unique in many ways, including the personal touch you get from having Ken Tamplin himself, on video, performing each exercise and technique so you can learn these proven methods of singing yourself.

Ken is a well renowned and respected vocal coach, as well as an award-winning singer who has actually lived the dream of becoming an award-winning professional singer. Don’t be fooled by a vocal coach who promises you the world and delivers few, if any, measurable results. Ken takes your singing success very seriously and producing amazing results for his students is a major priority. The proof is in the singing: Ken’s singing, and the singing of so many KTVA students who dramatically improved their vocal talent and went on to make singing an enjoyable part of their lives, either recreationally or professionally.

It’s important to note that everyone has their own unique voice. However, that said, the proper and proven techniques featured in the “How to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” course will help anybody, with any style of singing voice learn to sing with more confidence, control and power.

The fun part of learning to sing with KTVA is…It’s Fun! It’s an easy-to-follow, all-inclusive course that provides powerful singing lessons for beginners to complex techniques to help hone the skills of those who are already professional singers.

Your final destination may not be the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but you will learn to become a more effective and talented singer.

Learn with the following…

 ON DVD/CD combo – and/or:

 Digital Downloads

 Online via webcam – and/or:

 Private in-studio

 KTVA Forum; online feedback to help you sing better

KTVA also offers an Online Forum where you can participate in an informative Q & A session

and even submit a sample of your voice with live feedback.

Check out KTVA student Adley Stump who made it onto The Voice: