San Antonio Singing Lessons

Before selecting San Antonio, Texas singing lessons, or a vocal coach, there are some serious questions you should ask. Does he or she have an impressive singing background? Do they have proven methods and techniques that really work? Do they produce remarkable results for their students? Sadly, the answer to at least some of those questions is usually NO! The answer to all those questions at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is a resounding YES! The reason is, your singing lessons are taught online by Ken Tamplin himself. He has an extensive and successful singing resume. His methods and techniques have proven to work wonders for thousands of students worldwide. The results he produces for his students have impressed even the toughest critics.

KTVA’s “Learn to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” course is easy-to-follow. It’s a fun experience, and will be more rewarding than anything other singing lessons you can find anywhere in San Antonio. The proof is in the singing: your singing and the singing of Ken Tamplin, as he uses his own voice, which allows you to actually hear what it is you need to do to make your voice more appealing and more powerful, with more control.

Don’t take chances with a vocal coach who doesn’t have the credentials to provide you with the singing lessons you so richly deserve. Go with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, and begin your journey to learning how to sing the right way.

Choose the best way for you to learn…

 A DVD/CD combo – and/or:

 Digital Downloads

 Online via webcam – and/or:

 Private in-studio

Check out KTVA student Adley Stump who made it onto The Voice: