San Francisco Singing Lessons

Welcome, you just found online San Francisco singing lessons, the best singing lessons available anywhere in the world, from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Have you ever heard Jeanette McDonald sing San Francisco in the old movie of the same name? What a voice! It’s doubtful that she became a great singer overnight. Chances are she had to learn how to sing, or receive some training to help elevate her voice to greatness.

That’s what Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is all about. It’s singing lessons that are designed for every level, from the beginner, to those with limited experience, to the professional who wants to take their voice to new heights. Many vocal coaches will have you believe you’ll zoom to greatness overnight. The KTVA Learn To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” course taught by Ken Tamplin himself, is more realistic. Simply put in the right amount of time, demonstrate a strong desire to learn, and you will experience some remarkable breakthroughs early on in your training. As you proceed, these breakthroughs may occur even more rapidly and you’ll be well on your way to being the singer you’ve always wanted to be.

KTVA often times receives questions from prospective students, such as “I’d like to sing country, can this course help me?” The answer is… Yes. In fact, whether your preference is country, rock, classical, etc., the proven methods and techniques that are applied in the “How to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” course can teach you how to sing any genre of music.

The proof is in the singing: your singing, the incredible singing of Ken Tamplin, and the singing of thousands of students who have taken KTVA singing lessons before you. Ken is always happy to welcome new students who have given up on other singing lessons and then joined the KTVA family, but he’s also saddened that those individuals had to endure so much frustration and disappointment. Ken takes your singing very seriously. His reward comes from helping you become a master of your own voice and in helping you reveal the voice you never imagined you had.

Let your journey begin, and Order the “How to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” vocal course today.

Here’s how you can learn…

 A DVD/CD combo – and/or:

 Digital Downloads

 Online via webcam – and/or:

 Private in-studio

Check out KTVA student Adley Stump who made it onto The Voice: