San Jose Singing Lessons

Just like Dionne Warwick, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy “knows the way to San Jose” and San Jose singing lessons taught online by Ken himself, can show you the way to singing like you’ve always hoped you could sing. Ken is a highly acclaimed vocal instructor and a fantastic singer with 25+ years of touring, three Grammy Awards, and the recipient of international honors. His vast experience and knowledge of music enabled him develop the online course, “How to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else,” the best singing lessons course here in San Jose or, frankly, anywhere else in the world.

Ken wasn’t born with a great singing voice. Like anyone else, he had to learn. And learn he did, studying from the world’s most skilled and talented vocal coaches. He used all that acquired knowledge to launch an impressive professional career that includes more than 25 years of touring, the recording of more than 30 highly praised CD’s, and international recognition for his many extraordinary accomplishments.

What this means for you, is when you enroll in the “How to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” course, you’ll benefit from Ken’s years of experience in the music industry and his years of successfully teaching thousands of KTVA students how to sing like they always dreamed they could.

There are other singing lesson venues out there, but it’s doubtful you’ll find one that has a vocal coach as experienced or with the successful track record of Ken Tamplin. It’s sad to say, but some vocal coaches have little skill as a singer, leaving them to tell you how to sing from a course that may have been designed by someone else. So, find your way to the best singing lessons here in the world, right here at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and learn to sing the right way, the way that will leave your friends wondering how in the world you became such a monster singer!

“How to Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” course is available…

 Digital Downloads

 DVD/CD hard copy

 Online via webcam – and/or:

 Private in-studio

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