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The #1 Singing Lessons in Seattle!

So, what do you want to learn how to sing, Rock? Metal? Pop? Whatever it is and whatever level you are at, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is the #1 choice for singing lessons all over the world!

Check this out:

Reviews and demonstrations by REAL KTVA vocalists, just like you!

If you are a beginning singer and don’t know where or how to start REALLY singing, start by checking out this free introduction singing lesson and following along at your own pace.

If you are an intermediate singer of your have been singing for a while, you can jump right into our signature course, How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else – it’s the most complete vocal course in the world with hundreds of video lessons laid out perfectly for you – if you follow along in the correct order, you will be singing better as soon as you start!

If you’re a professional singer in Seattle and you want to make sure your voice is in tip-top shape for your next album and/or tour, you might want to apply for the KTVA Master Singing Program. This is for professional singers only and there is an application process.

But, no matter what stage you are at with your voice, please make sure to join the KTVA Singers Forum, where you will find thousands of singers just like you – it is free to join!

Welcome to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, we look forward to great singing with you!