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You have just found the most powerful and effective singing lessons on the planet. Here at Ken Tamplin vocal Academy, we are proving that every day!

Top Vocal Coach, Ken Tamplin is an award winning singer himself, and with almost 3 decades of recording and touring experience, he is highly qualified to teach you exactly and precisely how to sing. He has the experience to relate to what you personally desire to accomplish as a singer, and he will show you how to sing better than you ever thought possible. You will be absolutely amazed at your results.

Our world famous ” How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else” singing course sets the standard for professional singing lessons. This singing class consists of 4 DVDs and CDs or you can download it and start singing today! In addition, you can also book online singing lessons with Ken personally via Skype.

How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else

The Most Powerful Singing Course In The World!

You will learn from a REAL Pro:

• What’s real & what’s fake.
• Release your Real Voice with KILLER TONE.
• Learn the method only the pros get taught.
• Dominate the stage with MONSTER VOCAL CONTROL.
• Lock-tight pitch.
• Discover your hidden range and power.
• Learn any song with ease.

Singing Lessons Austin

None of Ken Tamplin’s Austin singing lessons are “regular” – They are all exceptional and unique. Each lesson was created from countless hours of real world experience singing every day in every venue and circumstance imaginable. On top of that, taking voice lessons from the top local coaches of our day helped Ken to find and hone each lesson to give you the maximum benefit possible. Check out the example of Ken teaching you how to sing like James Hetfield of Metallica–Most of our trained vocalists can figure out the techniques of how their favorite artists perform their music.

Kat Von D shares her experience with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy:

Our students tell us time and time again how KTVA has taken their singing voices to unbelievable heights, and that we should be bolder in letting people know that this is definitely the best singing course in the world! As you go through our website, make sure you watch each and every video of our students who not only express how happy they are that they found us, they actually show you on the videos how they are progressing utilizing Ken’s amazing methods and techniques. We honestly believe that we have the best singing course in the world and this is confirmed every day by all of our students.

We invite you to take a look at all the outstanding singing resources on our website and then sign up with Ken Tamplin vocal Academy for the best singing lessons Austin!

We look forward to singing with you.

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