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Singing Lessons in Brisbane by KTVA

The most powerful and effective way to teach you how to sing is to SHOW YOU how to sing, not just TELL YOU how to sing.  What good is it to just “listen” to instructions on how to sing on a CD, when singing is a pure physical experience?  Singing is a technical art with real rules that have to be demonstrated in order to grasp.  At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, we actually show you how to sing, and the proof is in YOUR singing!

Here is OUR proof, meet your new vocal coach, Ken Tamplin:

We have singers all over the world participating and if you are looking for vocal lessons in Brisbane, look no further! But don’t take our word for it, here is a KTVA singing lessons review from one of our talented vocalist in Brisbane who uploaded his vocal sample to Ken:

Singing Lessons in Brisbane by KTVA“Hi Ken,

This tune is a Bruce Dickinson number ‘A Tyranny of souls’.  One thing here, I would NEVER been able to do this before your training, I am in much better control of everything…end of story!

Thanks,  Tom”

Tom Aiken – Brisbane, Australia

How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else

The Most Powerful Singing Course In The World!

Ken Tamplin is an award winning singer and Master Vocal Coach with 25+ years of singing and touring under his belt, and after all this time, his voice has never been better! Vocal students who participate in the Live Training Session are often blown away at the vocal power and range Ken Tamplin demonstrates.

But the cool thing is, our students themselves experience an incredible increase in vocal power, range and tone, once they get into KTVA’s How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else singing lessons.

YOU will experience an incredible transformation in your singing voice – your vocal power, range and tone will be better than you ever thought possible.

Watch a sample singing lesson below as Ken Tamplin teaches and demonstrates how to sing like Christina Aguilera.

Click here for incredible Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy testimonials from around the world!

Please take a look at all the great singing resources on our website and then sign up with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy for your best Brisbane singing lessons!

We look forward to singing with you!

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