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Voice Lessons Chicago

The best Voice Lessons Chicago and Singing Lessons in Chicago are right here at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy! We have incredible vocalists from all over the world enrolled in our superior method of teaching, so if you’re looking for the #1 voice lessons in Chicago, you are here!

The reason Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is the best at teaching people how to sing great is simple, there is only ONE WAY to properly teach you how to sing, and that is by SHOWING YOU how to sing and not just TELLING YOU how to sing. If you were going to take guitar lessons, would you settle for an instructor just telling you how to play guitar and not actually showing you how to do it? Of course not! The same thing applies to singing lessons.

Ken Tamplin is a Master Vocal Coach and award winning singer himself, he knows exactly how it feels to really sing and he shares his knowledge and experience with you. The proof is in the singing… YOUR singing!

Here is our proof, meet your new vocal coach, Ken Tamplin:

After you enroll in our signature vocal course, How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else, you will learn from a REAL Pro…:

  • What’s real & what’s fake.
  • Release your Real Voice with KILLER TONE.
  • Learn the method only the pros get taught.
  • Dominate the stage with MONSTER VOCAL CONTROL.
  • Lock-tight pitch.
  • Discover your hidden range and power.
  • Learn any song with ease.
Singing Lessons in Chicago

The Most Powerful Singing Course In The World!

Voice Lessons in Chicago

Not only will you have access to the most powerful singing lessons by Ken Tamplin, you will also have full access to our KTVA Forum community with vocalists from all over the world exchanging vocal tips, song ideas and lesson support. And we also conduct semi regular Live Training Webinars, with singers all over the world joining in! You will absolutely want to get in on these webinars because we talk about all of the issues regarding singing, the voice, technique, common fallacies, EVERYTHING!

Here is a sample singing lesson by Ken Tamplin teaching professional singer Gyu how to sing like Celine Dion:

Here is another sample singing lesson. Ken Tamplin teaches a 14 year old student how to sing a Journey song:

Click here for incredible Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy testimonials from around the world!

Singing Lessons in Chicago

Please take a look at all the great singing resources on our website. Take the time to watch each and every video that we provide because we believe it is a great encouragement to you when you see actual students going through their lessons and also espousing how much they’ve grown through our program. Also, don’t forget to visit our forum and join the ongoing discussions. We are constantly adding new and exciting information to this website on a daily basis, so check back with us often. Our goal is to make you the absolute best singer you can possibly be. Sign up with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy for the best voice lessons in Chicago!

Singing lessons in Chicago never sounded better… We look forward to working with you!

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