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Singing Lessons In Miami – by KTVA

The best singing lessons in Miami are right here at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy! Known all over the world, KTVA has helped so many singers achieve their goal in being the best singer they can possibly be. Remember, your voice is a precious instrument and you only have one, so treat it with respect and learn how to sing properly. There is only one Way to properly teach you how to sing, and that is by showing you how to sing, not just tell you. Demonstration is the best way.

Think about it… Would you take guitar lessons from a teacher who could not play the guitar themselves? How in the world could they show you proper techniques? Or would you take piano lessons from a teacher who could not play themselves? How could they show you how to hold your hands properly or how to strike the keys with the proper velocity that the song requires? It just makes good sense that when you are seeking to improve your singing voice, you want to take from a vocal coach who has been in the trenches and worked out and PROVEN their technique over a period of years. And most importantly, someone who can show you how to protect your singing voice!

Thousands of serious vocalists all over the world have discovered the incredible transformation in their singing voice with our training. As soon as they started with KTVA, they experienced:

  • Incredible increase in vocal range.
  • Amazing power without exhausting your body.
  • Awesome pitch and tone.
  • Super healthy voice without going hoarse.

The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy singing course is available on DVD and Downloads, as well as LIVE online singing lessons via Skype!

Singing Lessons in Miami

The Most Powerful Singing Course In The World!

Our signature singing course is How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else.

We also have an incredible KTVA Vocalist Forum and regular “live” training sessions online. Listening to and participating in all of the discussions will help you soak in all of the incredible singing knowledge available to you so you can be the best singer you can be. The forum is a great place to encourage each other and build each other up as well as learn new, cutting-edge techniques and methods. Whatever your goals are as a vocalist, we can help get you there!

So, if you are looking for the best vocal lessons in Miami, come join us and start singing great today.

But, don’t just take our word for it, here is a video testimonial from singer Adley Stump, who made it onto The Voice!

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Forum

Singing Lessons Miami

We encourage you to take a look at all the great singing resources on our website. Take the time to watch each and every video that we provide because we believe it is a great encouragement to you when you see actual students going through their lessons and also espousing how much they’ve grown through our program. Also, don’t forget to visit our forum and join the ongoing discussions. We are constantly adding new and exciting information to this website on a daily basis, so check back with us often. Our goal is to make you the absolute best singer you can possibly be. Sign up with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy for the best singing lessons Miami!

Miami singing lessons never sounded better… We look forward to singing with you!