Santa Rosa Singing Lessons

So, if you are in Santa Rosa, California – or anywhere else in the world, your best singing and voice lessons are right here at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

The bottom line is that your voice is the only musical instrument you have that you can’t exchange if you damage it – and bad teaching WILL cause voice damage – so make sure to get the very best voice lessons available in Santa Rosa and the world, right here at KTVA.

Would you take guitar lessons from a teacher who couldn’t SHOW YOU? I would hope not! Then why would you risk your voice to someone who couldn’t show you how to do it either? Does that make sense?

“I have more range and power than I ever imagined!”

“Ken is incredible. He is seriously rocking my voice. I have more range and power than I ever imagined! (and singing is so much easier for me now too!)I used to go hoarse after every show. With the KTVA program, my stamina is crazy good and now I NEVER go hoarse (and sing much longer with way better control).

I can also sing in many different styles from Rock to Pop to whatever thanks to Ken showing me different approaches to singing.

I can’t say enough good things about KTVA.

The results are amazing! As Ken says and I agree – the proof is in the singing.”

Gabriela Guncíková – Czech Republic