Best Online Singing Programs – Here’s How To Choose

Picking the the right online singing lessons is not an easy task, there are many hundreds of options all over the world.

So let’s make this easy for you…

Your voice is an instrument

If you wanted to learn how to play an instrument, would you take lessons from someone who wasn’t going to actually SHOW YOU how to play? Would you accept piano lessons from an instructor WITHOUT a piano? Of course not! You should only take lessons on any instrument from instructors who can show you exactly how they can perform with their own voice or instrument.

It’s the same with singing, do not take singing lessons from an instructor who does not know how to sing and can’t demonstrate how to sing with his or her own voice.

Einstein said “Example isn’t A way to teach… It’s the ONLY WAY to teach.

At KTVA, the PROOF is in the Singing

Master Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin IS a world renown vocalist himself and will demonstrate with his own voice HOW TO SING better than you ever thought possible.

KTVA takes you step-by-step from the basic levels of singing, all the way to advanced levels of singing. We do this with the best voice training DVD series in the world, How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else.

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