Eurythmics – Annie Lennox – Would I Lie To You – (cover) Alyona Yarushina

Alyona Yarushina

Russia born Alyona Yarushina, and daughter of famed folk rock musician Valeriy Yarushin (from the group Ariel), “Aly” began her journey attending music school for piano at age 4. Later she became a college choir conductor. Still feeling “something was missing” Aly moved to Moscow at age 18 and began singing pop and rock. From the Beatles to Led Zeppelin. “Aly” is a true musician, playing all her own instruments.

Aly reached out to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy to “take her voice to the next level” working directly with Ken Tamplin.

“I have sung my whole life and never realized what I was missing. It’s been amazing the things Ken has shown me. From greater power, more range, incredible stamina, better breath control, tone and pitch. Ken is the real deal” – Alyona Yarushina

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FINALLY….! Finally someone explains the mechanics of singing in a productive way (rocket ship pillars etc.). I’m improving by lightyears compared to what my singing was before. You get this a lot (as you should) but the course you’ve put together…MIND-BLOWING! Purchasing Kens material was a turning point in my life and the best thing that i have ever spent my $$$ on.” John Ash

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Honestly man, you are not going to find a bad review here. The course and this forum completely demystifies every single aspect of great singing. Just be prepared to do the work.”

Streeter – KTVA Singers Forum