Singing Demonstrations of Ken and Students

David Guetta - No Getting Over You - by Ken Tamplin
Ken Tamplin - Soul, Blues and R&B vocal demonstration
Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singing Demo
What people are say about Ken Tamplin's singing lessons
Ken Tamplin demonstrates High Range singing
Ryan Haeri's Testimonial for Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
Song Demonstration 2 "Forunate One"
Shine Down - Brent Smith - Vocal Demonstration
Buckcherry - All Lit Up - How To Sing Like Josh Todd
Teaching Olli Rinne how to sing like Myles Kennedy and Adam Lambert
Burden In My Hand by Soundgarden and Fly From The Inside by Shinedown
Vocal Demonstration with Yuji Suzuki
Gyu Lim Sings Power Of Love