How to sing like Paul McCartney – singing demonstration

Paul McCartney is a living legend who has written and co-written some of the most recognizable songs in history. As a member of the Beatles he steamrolled “the norm” and paved the way for you and me to be who we are in music. We get so many requests to demonstrate how to sing like Paul MrCartney and so Ken Tamplin has created this video singing demonstration for you.

Because Paul McCartney is one of the greatest song writers in history, it is important to understand the difference between writing a song and singing a song. Yes, you can sing like Paul McCartney and implement his singing techniques into your own music, which is what this singing demonstration is all about. But it does not imply that you can WRITE a song like Paul McCartney, that takes a little more practice.

Enjoy this singing demonstration on how to sing like Paul McCartney.

Who do YOU think we should create a singing demonstration video of? Who is YOUR favorite singer?