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Scott Patrick

“Finally, a vocal instructor that could do more than just TELL me what I should be doing, but SHOW me!”

“Since starting KTVA I have found new power, range, and tone in my voice that I never thought I could possess. Now I am able to sing songs that I had never thought possible and take my voice past the obstacles I had lived with for so many years.The beauty of this program is that no matter what your skill level is you will be able to apply the techniques and improve your voice immediately. Ken Tamplin is an inspiration as a teacher and is always there to help his students, armed with the knowledge that he has accumulated throughout his own vocal journey.Today my voice is the best it has ever been and keeps getting better day by day. As Ken himself says ”The Proof is in the Singing!”Scott Patrick – Lead Singer-Wyatt – Canada

(Scott Patrick is also one of our AMAZING moderators in the KTVA forum!)

Want To Sing Like This?

Well, you can! Join KTVA today and start singing better than you ever thought possible… THE WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR VOICE!