Yuji Suzuki

Yuji Suzuki from Japan shares his success with KTVA!

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Grace from Manchester, England shares her experience with KTVA.

Recording Artist Sage Infinity

Recording Artist Sage Infinity shares his experience with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

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Gyu Lim Singing Testimonial

Professional singer, Gyu Lim gives her review of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

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Kat Von D

LA's Kat Von D on Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

Katie Lensel - Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Hey Ken,

Don't know if I'll ever be a singing talent like you but I do know I took voice lessons in a singing school for 4 years and have learned more in 1 month than my 4 years in voice school. If you're ever up for doing a duet , that would seriously rock my world :-) xoxoxo"

Sara O'Conner - Dublin, Ireland

"Finally, singing lessons I can understand that actually work. I can't tell you how many online vocal lessons, DVD's and books I have taken and none of them have really helped me. In less than one week of doing the Master's DVD I have seen an appreciable difference in my singing. So good, thank you."

Tim St. John - Toronto, Canada

"Using Ken's warmup vocal exercises and video lessons has dramatically helped my confidence as a singer. Going into a gig that I thought I would not be able to complete, with Ken's guidance and the use of his course, I was able to complete the 3 hour gig, with confidence and full use of my singing range. Plus I came out of it the next day with very little vocal strain, and feeling like I could do it all again the next night. This is a definite must for the beginner and experienced singer. Thanks Ken."

Daize Shayne

Hey my name is Daize Shayne (Goodwin) and I'm a 2 time world champion surfer and musician.

Ken Tamplin is literally is a miracle worker. Seriously..no kidding!

I had always wanted to sing but never thought it would really be possible. I had dreams of singing like a pop rock star but all I could get seem to out of my voice was a cross between a bad Sarah Mclachlan meets an out of tune Jack Johnson or Dido or something, but I wanted to Rock! Within about 4 months, Ken had me singing things I had only dreamed of before. This gave me power and confidence I never knew was possible. Because of it, I have sung at Madison Square Gardens, warmed up for Sting at Bos Pop fest in Europe and have played many festivals all over the world including Japan. (I even got to play for the President of the United States!). I know I still have a ways to go, but I am well on my way thanks to Ken's amazing technique.

If you are serious about your voice, Ken is your man.

Check it out! - Daize

jw (aka "Jay C") - Phoenix, AZ

"Well Ken...I'm a 100% he-ter-o...but I could kiss you right now. All came together for me today with your workout. I have worked so many other vocal programs (very confusing btw) and fricken landed it today. You make it so easy to understand I feel like I have been given a bunch of bullshot all this time. I know I still have a ways way to go, but I at least see the f'n light! peace."

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