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Answering your questions about KTVA 2.0…

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Hey guys!

Over the past couple days we’ve been getting a bunch of questions about KTVA 2.0 – 

And we wanted to take a moment to answer them.

We’ll be updating this post regularly as more questions come in… so keep checking back if you have any unanswered questions!


**With the streaming, are you able to revisit videos from previous months?**

A: Yes! You’re able to view all videos from all previous months. So if you start with access to 20 videos… then the next month you get 15 more… then next month you get 15 more… that means that during your third month you’ll have access to 50 videos total.


**If I sign up at $29/month, will that price ever increase?**


A: No! We’ll lock you in at the price you sign up at. So if you sign up now, at $29/month… and then next year the price increases to $49/month… you’ll still be paying $29/month. UNLESS you cancel your subscription, and start again. In that case you’ll start paying whatever the current advertised monthly price is.


**Do I have to purchase Beginner lessons before signing up for Intermediate lessons? And purchase Intermediate lessons before signing up for Pro lessons?**

A: No! You can start with Pro lessons, without having first purchased beginner or intermediate lessons. Or you could start with Intermediate lessons… without having first signed up for the beginner lessons.

**Is there OVERLAP in the content… between the Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro lessons?**

Yes! Each level of lessons contains *all* the content of the previous level… and more. i.e. the intermediate lessons have *all* the content of the beginner lessons… and more. And the Pro lessons have *all* the content of both the intermediate and beginner lessons… and more.

**What if I choose the beginner or intermediate level… and eventually want to upgrade to the next level? How will that work?**

Alright, gonna be brutally honest here – we’re not 100% sure! Our team is working hard on this one right now. Because the different levels of lessons give you access to content at different speeds… it’s a little complicated. To upgrade you, let you still have the content you already had access to, and also change the speed at which you get new content.


Like I said, our team is working on this. And we’ll let you know when this becomes a feasible option… with all the nitty-gritty details about how it’ll work.

If you’ve got more questions about 2.0… go ahead and email them to “help at kentamplinvocalacademy dot com”… and we’ll try to get them answered on this post as soon as possible!


-The KTVA Team