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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Explains What It Means To Be A Professional Singer

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Many people dream of one day becoming professional singers—and at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, that’s the entire goal: To help amateur-level vocalists reach professional status and standing. It’s worth pausing to think about what this actually means, though. Does professional singing status just mean getting paid to sing—or is there more to it than that?

Getting Results

Certainly, Tamplin is aware that any prospective student will want to know how the Vocal Academy gets results—and for that matter, how results are even defined.

“For me to claim that I can help other people become professional-status singers, I’d better have achieved professional singing status myself,” explains Tamplin, himself a professional singer for several decades now. “Also, I had better have students who have gone from amateur to professional standing as well—and I do!” (Indeed, student testimonials can be found on the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy YouTube page and on Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy social media profiles, including SoundCloud.)

Tamplin goes on to explain that, for him, professional singing status has a lot to do with consistency; being a professional singer requires having talent, but it also means being able to use that talent to provide a strong performance, day in and day out.

“Being a professional singer means having the strength and stamina to go out on stage every night and deliver a consistently great performance,” he explains. “That’s the result students can expect when they complete our How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else program.”

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Professional Singing Status

In other words, being a professional singer means reaching a point where you have both the talent and the consistency to perform regularly, and always at a high level. These are the attributes that empower a vocalist to find real, ongoing work in the field.

And they are the attributes that students master through Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy’s How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else program. You can hear the results of this program yourself, over at the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy SoundCloud, or you can try it for yourself today. Get the How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else program and start your own journey toward professional skill and status!