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How To Sing Like Gabriela Gunčíková

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KTVA student Gabriela Gunčíková is well on her way to legitimate Superstar status, from a small village in the Czech Republic to representing her country center stage at Eurovision 2016, with stops as runner up of the second season of Česko Slovenská SuperStar (Czech Idol), winner of the New Artist award at the 2011 Český slavík awards, and as one of the lead singers in Trans Siberian Orchestra and Rock Meets Classic.

Gabriela started her incredible journey with a simple dream as young child, to be a great singer. Ever since she was a young, she has commanded an audience…

So how DO YOU accomplish this?

It all start with the right attitude:

“If you want something, go get it, never wait until it arrives. From the moment I started to apply this rule in my life, my life is worth it and I’m proud of myself! Life itself is to me a bit like climbing wall, fighting targets through the barrier. So keep going no matter what!”

Gabriela didn’t wait for her voice to “just show up” – she worked her butt off to “go get” her incredible voice! She joined Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy in early 2013 and Enrolled in her own “How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else” vocal course. She gave it all she had and added Skype lessons with Ken Tamplin personally.

Gabriela Skype Session
Watch Ken Tamplin coaching Gabriela via Skype in 2013

Gabby was in the Czech Republic and Ken Tamplin in Los Angeles.

Also in 2013, Gabriela decided to take In-Studio Singing Lessons

Gabriela Gunčíková made the smart move of continuing her vocal training in person and flew to Los Angeles a few times to take personal in-studio signing lessons with Ken Tamplin. In the process, Gabriela ended up being in some of KTVA’s training video for divas, and she also released her own debut rock single:

At this point, Gabriela Gunčíková has spent many hundreds of hours perfecting her craft and has been to the KTVA studios in Hawaii a number of times to train and record vocal demonstration videos. Gabriela continues maintaining her voice and follows the KTVA regimen to the letter – she now has incredible power, stamina, pitch and perfect tone… Gabriela can sing almost anything!

Some of Gabriela’s videos:

Gabriela Gunčíková along with fellow KTVA student (and viral sensation) Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs and Ken Tamplin himself!

Viral video: 65 Songs – A Journey Through Rock ‘N’ Roll | Ten Second Songs

To Start Your Own Diva Journey…

1: Enroll in KTVA and get into your own How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else – Pro Bundle Vocal Course
2: Join the KTVA Singers Forum and follow the course exactly as laid out.
3: Start posting demos and document your progress with your own mile-markers.
4: When ready, augment your course with Skype lessons with Ken Tamplin.
5: Push yourself to sing beyond your comfort zone.
6: Take FULL ADVANTAGE of EVERYTHING Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has to offer!

See you in your course!

Gabriela Guncikova

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