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Welcome to Vancouver’s favorite singing lessons!!! There is only ONE WAY to effectively teach you how to sing, and that is to SHOW you how to sing, and not just TELLING you how to sing!

You will be a GREAT SINGER!

I didn’t start out as a great singer – I had to LEARN HOW TO SING. And with my singing courses online and on DVD I can teach you how to be great singer, too!

You have your own UNIQUE VOICE and when you use proper technique, you will take your voice to new levels – to heights you never thought possible.

I PERSONALLY show you how to sing correctly – with easy to understand – step by step voice lessons. If you follow the KTVA curriculum as designed, you will be the master of your voice. I guarantee it!

THIS is what makes Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy unique, proof really is in the singing! If you like the way I sing, I’ll show you how I do it!

So if you’re ready to start vocal lessons in Vancouver with Ken Tamplin and become the most powerful and effective singer you can be, meet your new vocal coach and click here for your dvd and download singing courses, and click here for your private online singing lessons.

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