Why Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy?

Now a question for you.

Don’t you think it’s odd that most vocal coaches can’t sing well themselves?
They have never toured, they’ve never recorded anything (that was worth listening to anyway) And yet they are going to tell you how to sing when they can’t or haven’t? Isn’t that strange?
I have studied under the finest vocal coaches in the world, have toured my whole life and have massive recording experience. I have taken all this experience and put it into an easy to understand vocal program that gets extraordinary results… fast.

This vocal instruction will help you in all styles whether it’s rock singing, pop singing, country singing, R & B singing, gospel singing, choir singing, jazz singing etc. and is an excellent way to get ready for a singing contest, vocal auditions, competition singing, studio and live performances and is especially helpful for singing high and heavy.

KTVA offers a singing school that specializes in online singing lessons, singing classes, singing tips, in studio vocal coaching and our slamming vocal training DVD that will turn you into a singing machine!

What makes KTVA unique is: I don’t just tell you how to sing, I demonstrate it myself. I physically show you how to sing.

There are a ton of vocal training courses out there where everyone has some big college degree behind their name or taught some pop / rock / movie star, and they have all of these “feel good” testimonials. Of course testimonies are important, I have them on my page, but I’m not just here to give you the “feel goods”, I’m here to give you the “singing goods.”

So if you watched the video of me singing, you’re probably thinking: “Ken makes it look so easy.” You’re right, I do make it look easy. That’s because I know what I am doing, and I will show you how to do it. I’m not going to tell you that you can “sing like a pro in just 3 easy weeks” because you know what, that’s a bunch of B.S.

It takes work and discipline with VERY HARD TO COME BY INFORMATION.

It’s like saying I am going to make you look like a “world champion body builder” in just 3 easy weeks. It doesn’t work like that. And anyone who tells you it does is full of bull.

The truth is, the voice is a muscle. And like any muscle, it needs the proper time and training to grow. And like any “body builder” depending on how big and strong you want to get is up to you.

You might say, “Sure Ken, you were born with a great voice.” Some of that may be true but not totally.

When I first began to learn voice in the early 80’s, I could hardly hit an A below middle C. I strained on F# a lot of the time. These are low notes.

I tried every singing course, every vocal teacher I could, desperate to learn the art of great singing. For a long time I slept on my mom’s living room floor so I could afford very expensive vocal lessons. It was all I cared about.

So I need to get this off my chest about my quest for quality vocal information. Many vocal coaches I took from that did have good information, would slowly “meter” it out to me getting me to come back over and over just to take my money. They would only give me small bits and pieces dragging things out for months, even years.

I have streamlined all that information into an easy to understand, very effective vocal method that goes straight to the core of what it takes to get good fast.

So again, welcome to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, one of the most comprehensive, honest and powerful singing techniques available anywhere. If you do what I tell you, you will be blown away at how fast your voice will grow.

God bless all you do and good singing to you.


-Ken Tamplin