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Your voice is a muscle...

Your voice is a muscle and just like any other muscle in your body, it requires correct and constant training in order to grow. When you start to take singing lessons, you are putting your voice muscle through a new workout and it is VITAL that your voice workouts are done correctly, and that they are done over time.

You are basically becoming a voice athlete - and just like any other athletic training, you can't just take a pill and all of a sudden be strong or great.  You need good training and a good vocal coach.

KTVA Live Training Events

Join Ken Tamplin and fellow KTVA vocalists from all over the world for regular LIVE training webinars!

These advanced training sessions are and incredible addition to your KTVA vocal course – and they are always fun!

Ken Tamplin is live via webcam doing singing demonstrations and providing incredible coaching – and you can participate by asking questions – or just kick back and enjoy the show.

You will find the upcoming webinar schedule here. Join us!