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I’ve heard it said by one specific vocal coach that posture doesn’t matter.

Then he proceeded to flip-flop his body all over the place while “trying” to hold a note.

This same “vocal coach” touts that practicing and singing scales is “counter-productive.”

Why am I singling this person out?

I will tel you why.

This is nothing more than a used-car salesman technique, like telling you that eating healthy and exercising is not what it really takes to lose weight and be healthy.


He’s not a vocal coach at all, he is a motivational speaker, at best.

Here is why I am telling you this.



In my 40 years of singing (with 40 records out, touring the world for 35 plus years, 1,000 songs placed in film and TV (see my imdb ) and all the major music producers I have worked with: (see my wikipedia here: AND studying with some of the world’s greatest vocal coaches, I am not aware of a single coach that would agree with that utter, total, and complete nonsense.

I am not seeing these kinds of credentials from any other vocal coach.

Does it make me right?… well, it says I have tried and true experience, and I am sharing it with you.

Guys, I have always been straight with you.

I have never told you this would be easy.

I have never told you that you could take a pill that will make you great.

What I have told you is if you do the things I am showing you, it will help you get to your end game.

My information did not come easy.

It came at a big price.

I hope folks will have the common sense to recognize bullshiz when they see it, and utilize good info for your own success.

Am I pizzed off? Yes.

Because Posture Matters.

Please watch my video on this important subject, if you truly want to take your voice to the next level.


Watch someone else’s video that will try to sell you sand in the Sahara Desert.

The choice is yours.

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FINALLY….! Finally someone explains the mechanics of singing in a productive way (rocket ship pillars etc.). I’m improving by lightyears compared to what my singing was before. You get this a lot (as you should) but the course you’ve put together…MIND-BLOWING! Purchasing Kens material was a turning point in my life and the best thing that i have ever spent my $$$ on.” John Ash

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Honestly man, you are not going to find a bad review here. The course and this forum completely demystifies every single aspect of great singing. Just be prepared to do the work.”

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