You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi cover – Giusy Ferrigno

I was given the privilege to meet Jon back in the early 80’s on a Monsters Of Rock Festival we were on.

He was warm and cordial.

Just a good ole Jersey boy working VERY hard to make things happen.

This was just after their “Runaway” hit in 1983 and just before their second album, 7800° Fahrenheit in 1985.

Let me tell you why I think this is significant.

When the Grunge movement started to completely overtake the melodic rock (80’s metal) era in the early 90’s, few bands made it out alive.

I can practically count them on one hand.

Let me list a few to demonstrate what I mean.

Bon Jovi
Van Halen
(and I am sure I am missing a couple other ones).

What did these bands have in common?

When this Grunge paradigm shift happened, these bands IMMEDIATELY took to the road and toured relentlessly, so as to not “lose” their audience to Grunge.

Bon Jovi was certainly one of those extremely hard working bands.

This is much like our singing.

You don’t just open your mouth and start singing.

We put effort and consistency into it, and the more we put into it, the more we get out of it.

This work ethic took these bands to Icon status.

Another side note:

On this particular song, there was a rumor that had floated around that Jon was referring to a girl who gave him AIDS. (some think this was a publicity stunt done by their publicist, much like the Beatles did suggesting Paul McCartney had died, which tremendously boosted record sales.

Whatever the case, Giusy and I liked the song and thought it would be fun to demonstrate for KTVA.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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