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You’re Never Too Old To Sing

By August 22, 2018No Comments

You’re Never Too Old To Sing…

You may not be able to reach
your toes in the shower anymore, but
you can still reach those high notes…

Don’t let two digits determine your ability to sing, even if you’re 71 you can still learn how to sing properly and go for the stars!

In celebration of Senior Citizen day on August 21st, we’re saying no to the graveyard and yes to rocking out to Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden. I mean, Robert Plant is 69, and Bruce Dickinson is 59 and they are still belting it out at full power.
Have you seen Iron Maiden’s 2018 tour schedule, they’ve been playing arena shows all year – this requires Bruce Dickinson to stay in great health, both physically and vocally.
And then, of course, there’s Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, who at 75 years old just completed the No Filter Arena Tour…

So, if Mick, Bruce, and Robert can still sing like they do, then so can you – and we can help you!
The secret sauce to singing at an older age is proper technique, you definitely don’t want to strain your vocal cords, and if you follow along with KTVA’s How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else, you will get the hang of it quickly, but because you’re older and wiser, you’ll probably book a live online singing lesson via Skype with Ken Tamplin himself, first.

Thousands of aspiring vocalists just like you have Skyped with Ken – here’s 70 year old Tony Moran getting an online singing lesson:

So just kick your walker to the curb, put on your jeans and a black t-shirt, and start rocking your voice!
See you soon!
If you’d like to get a head start on learning how to sing properly, like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, here’s a Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy vocal demonstration video for you – enjoy!