Rush – The Spirit Of Radio – cover – Adrian Dyer

I am excited to showcase KTVA student Adrian Dyer.

Adrian hails from Canada and has a kick ass original band called “Moon Tan.” Moon Tan also does sporadic covers from amazing bands like Rush!

I have been working with Adrian for a few years now and we wanted to show you our result. 🙂 I also wanted to give you the opportunity to check out Adrian and his band, “MOON TAN!”

Here are some links below:

A Special Thanks To The Following For Their Help With Adrian’s Video As Well.

Anders Erickson
Curtis Schnider
Erik Radley
Kendra Emms
Codey Emms

Some interesting facts about RUSH.

For over 40 years, Rush has been both rock’s ultimate power trio and one of progressive rock’s most inventive boundary pushers. Here are some fun facts about the band:

1. They first got a job to play at a coffee house called the “Coff-In.” While they had dreamed of playing, they had neglected to come up with a name for their group. With no time left to contemplate, they didn’t have much luck coming up with a name until John Rutsey’s older brother yelled, “Why don’t you call the band Rush ha ha?”

2. Neil Peart doesn’t do meet and greets because he’s shy.

3. Both of Geddy Lee’s parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors. First imprisoned at Auschwitz when they were 13 years old, they were separated to Bergen-Belsen and Dachau. When the war ended four years later and the Allies liberated the camps, Geddy’s father set out in search of his mother and found her at a displaced persons camp. They married there and eventually emigrated to Canada. This experience inspired one of the band’s greatest hits. “Red Sector A” from Grace Under Pressure.

4. The clothes dryers on stage are a satire on arena rock trends.

5. Neil Peart travels to Rush concerts alone, on his motorcycle.

6. Geddy Lee was born Gary Lee Weinrib. “Geddy” came from his grandmother’s pronunciation of “Gary” – she had a Yiddish accent. Alex Lifeson was born Alexander Zivojinovic.

7. In 1973, Rush decided to release their first single before they released an album. Side A was a cover of a Buddy Holly song called “Not Fade Away.” On side B was a Lee/Rutsey song called “You Can’t Fight It.” This single wasn’t released worldwide. No record company in Canada would produce any of Rush’s music, so they formed their own record company named Moon Records. (I think that’s where Adrian got the name for his band “Moon Tan.” 🙂 The single was released only in Toronto and other parts of Canada for $0.69. It was often given away for free. It is very rare, which makes this single worth a fortune today. (I think it is also a lesson for us all to not wait around and kick some butt and get the job done!)

8. Their early sound was mostly influenced by Cream and Led Zeppelin, but with the entry of drummer Neil Peart, the sound became more experimental and progressive, thanks to the technical abilities of the three members.

9. Alex first met Geddy in a history class at Fisherville Junior High.
Lifeson is married to his first girlfriend, and Lee is married to his high-school sweetheart. Peart was married for 22 years before his wife died in 1997.

10. Every 4 studio albums they made were followed by a live album.


Watch this 30 second before and after video of a student who took the course for only one year:

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