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John grew up near a place called Strawberry Fields in Liverpool.

“Michelle” was inspired by Paul’s favorite technique for picking up girls at parties.

Ringo’s real name is Richard Starkey.

The first lyrics to “Yesterday” were “scrambled eggs.”

The BBC banned “I Am the Walrus” for its lyrics “pornographic priestess” and “let your knickers down.”

Lovely Rita was a real Meter Maid named Meta. Parking attendant Meta Davis had written a ticket for Paul ‘s car outside Abbey Road Studios in 1967.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was not written about LSD. It was actually about a young girl named Lucy that Julian Lennon had taken a liking to in school at age 4. Julian often sent Lucy Vodden flowers right up until her passing. Lucy died from complications related to lupus in 2009.

Help! Was actually written for reasons just as it sounds. John stated he was really crying out for help. It was his “Fat Elvis period.”

Ticket to Ride was the Beatles attempt to write a song like the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me.” Originally it was “Ticket to Ryde”. Ryde was a town in the Isle of Wight, the town the lads were dreaming of in the Sgt. Pepper song, “When I’m 64.”

Yesterday holds the record as the most covered song in history, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

I’m sure volumes could be written about all the crazy BeatleMania, KTVA vocalist Tori Matthieu and I thought it would be fun to “Come Together” and do a duet of the famed Beatles track.

We hope you enjoy it!

Tori and I came together on this one!

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