The Fighter – In This Moment – cover – Kati Cher

I confess, this was a tough one for me and here’s why:

Lead vocalist for “In This Moment” Maria Brink has a tough story but a
story worth telling.

As a young child, Maria was sexually abused by her father. He soon
after completely abandoned her and her mother. The In This Moment
song, “Daddy’s Falling Angel” was a direct reference to this
particular time in her life. Maria gave birth to her son Davion at the tender age of 15. The songs “He Said Eternity” and “All For You” were written with him in mind.

During these teen years, Maria was severely depressed and suicidal.
The birth of her son caused her to appreciate life and she snapped out of it.

In high school, Maria was part of a group of people labelled as the
“burn outs”, (people didn’t even graduate from high school).

Soon after she had her son, she moved out on her own and got her own apartment. She worked at a local laundromat to help pay the rent. Maria’s mother was a drug addict. Maria eventually helped her mother to get checked into rehab and she is now clean. Maria’s first band, at age 18 was an Albany-based band called Pulse. They opened local shows for bands such as Coal Chamber and Sevendust, but they eventually broke up.

Soon after her first band’s break-up, she was convinced she would be
more successful in LA. So she packed up her things into a U-Haul van,
and she drove cross-country so she could follow her dreams. It wasn’t
until almost six weeks later that she flew her son out to LA.

During this time, Maria’s closest friend died. So the song “Legacy of
Odio” as a tribute to the death of her best friend.
With all that said:
Kati and I chose “The Fighter.”

This song could not be more fitting for Maria and others like her.

But on a creepy note, this song also feels spiritually very dark to me.

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